Thursday, March 31, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Trifecta

I've got a triple play of favorites to share with you this week, as I link up with Quilting in My Pyjamas' Favourite Things Friday.  Each of these things made me smile and/or laugh out loud in the past few days.

1.  You may recall me mentioning in a previous FTF post that my favorite TV comedy is Parks and Recreation.   Imagine how delighted I was to visit completely cauchy this week and see how she translated into embroidery some quotes of our favorite character, Ron Swanson!

Click the link under the photos for all the fun details in her original posts.

The one above is based on this segment.  Apparently, Ron and I both love a good vintage typewriter! 

2.  My friends Kathy and Marie and I are watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (starring Colin Firth) when we get together for breakfast once a month.  We're two-thirds of the way through the DVDs.  

Kathy and I are very familiar with the story, but Marie was not.  Apparently, she could no longer stand the suspense until our next meeting on April 9 and the conclusion of the series.  She sent this letter via email the other day, which completely cracked me up!  Especially the third paragraph (she had asked for our advice on what color to paint one of her bedrooms).

To my dearest friends, Mrs. P. and Mrs. K, I send this with deepest regards and beseech you to read it with the inflection intended as from one Ms. Elizabeth Bennet.

For I have with liberty undertaken the perusal of one writing entitled Pride and Prejudice and have accomplished the entirety of it from beginning to end.  But let me further expound that in my endeavor to obtain aforementioned manuscript, I did most obligingly come across the recording of said work and thus had the satisfaction of having it read to me over a period of not less than eleven and one-half hours filled with unmitigated enjoyment by a most accomplished reader in the person of Ms. Josephine Bailey.  My intent, I must confess, was only to lend an ear as far as the enjoyment of the series had brought us thus far, but I could not contain my approbation and eagerness to hear the entire tale and thus was desirous of its conclusion.  I now know all, and it is with heightened anticipation that our next engagement can come none too soon!

In another direction entirely, I also wish to impart my immense satisfaction with the advice of Mrs. P. in the selection of a hue for the bedchamber at Marilaine Manor.  I deigned to acquiesce to the color suggested by Mrs. P. and have been none the less gratified by said choice.  The color is exquisite and blends rapturously from the hall to the chamber.  Your suggestion, therefore, was of the utmost satisfaction to me, unlike that given by Mrs. K. which, it pains me to relate, fell far short of anything of which I could have had the advantage.

But to both of you I owe a debt of gratitude for the delight of a novel well read and a color well chosen.  Until such time as we can once again engage in each other's most desirous of company, I close with hearty felicitations to all.

Yours etc.
Lady Marie

3.  My third and final favorite this week is a photo posted by Jeni at In Color Order of her bunny George in the basket of her awesome new bike.  

Cutest bunny EVER!

Thanks for visiting, and happy Favorite Things Friday!


  1. oh its been a few years since ive watched P&P and you are making me long for it again!

  2. Oh my gosh, P.! That is seriously the cutest bunny ever. And I totally loved Marie's letter to you! So funny! So, so funny! I love P&P! And those stitcheries by completely cauchy were hilarious. Wonder if she'll frame them and send them to the cast?

    Great FTF!

    xo -El

  3. I love your friends letter as I am a P&P fan as well. What a hoot! The bunny is too cute for words.

  4. I think it's time to watch Pride and Prejudice again .. my husband and I both love it. I enjoyed all three of your favorites ..

  5. What a clever friend Lady Marie is . She'd be my favourite too!

  6. I love "Lady Marie's" letter, very clever.
    You have me wanting to watch Pride and Prejudice again.

  7. Too funny P! Love Pride etc too. Chick flicks rule here! Lady Marie has not lost the art of correspondence.

  8. Ok I think you've finally convinced me. I need to watch Pride and Prejudice. Love Lady M's email. I see she has your sense of humour.

    Who said embroidery is a gentle art? Those embroidery quotes made me laugh so hard I almost needed to change my undies.

    Yep-Cutest bunny ever.

    And your post was a terrific conglomeration of Favourite Things this week P!

  9. Great FTF. Love the letter must pull the DVD out again and those embroideries are pretty cool too. You got lots of bang for your buck this week.

  10. Being a sound fan of the aforementioned manuscript, I endeavored to and feel, I may have read, the letter with is intended inflection.

    Thanks for sharing such a well-written letter and those embroidery bits. LOVE IT!

  11. I remember watching that episode, and hearing the typing, and thinking that the noise wouldn't have bothered me a bit.

    Love how that letter was sent via email. Classic.

  12. Thank you for the smile. Love Marie's letter and the cute bunny. Great FTF!

  13. You are set as no-reply so as to your message about the Paper Piece QAL, I just stuck to 7.5 inches in the end and am making my blocks that size. I want to make quite a few and it was just easier for me.

    Oh, and Colin Firth when he hit the screens set a great many ladies all of a quivver, myself included.


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