Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday - '70s Rock

It's almost Friday here, but it's been Friday on the other side of the world for a while already, where Shay, fearless leader of Favourite Things Friday, lives.  I'm joining the linky party on the spur of the moment this evening, since it's too late to do any serious treadmill walking anyway.  I know; darn.

What would really be my favorite thing is to have a Friday (or any day of the week) in which I didn't have to do any ding-dang typing.  Because you know what?  My forearms actually hurt from all the keyboard pounding I've been doing lately.  That cannot be good.  And yes, I know, doing a blog post involves typing, but it's of the recreational sort, so that doesn't count.

But I will keep this short on words and instead cop out with some videos of one of my favorite things, '70s rock!

Now, I'm not that person who's gotta listen to the classic rock station all day.  Even though I like this stuff, more than a few hours of Rush, Peter Frampton, and Queen are going to make me want to pierce my own eardrums with a busted guitar string.  All things in moderation, I say. 

The idea for this post came about because it's St. Patrick's Day, and I was thinking about whether there was any decent rock music to come out of Ireland which not involve a guy named Bono.  Then I remembered Thin Lizzy, the 1970s rock band formed in Dublin. 

Which then got me thinking of a lot of other '70s rock music I liked (none of it Irish, sadly) which, if I wasn't having such a nose-to-the-grindstone work week, I might take the time to figure out how to embed in one of those handy-dandy playlists.  But that seemed a little too time consuming and brain intensive, so YouTube will have to suffice.

So here are a few faves in random order.  Feel free to nod your head and sing along loudly.  Flick your Bic even. 

I'd have to say that for me this evening, my favorite is the Doobie Brothers Black Water. (Unfortunately, embedding was not allowed on that excellent,  version, but please feel free to click the link and enjoy it on YouTube.)  It's the perfect music to de-stress by.  And right about now, I'd like to be floating along on that raft that I built me that's ready for floating...trolling my sore arms in the water.

Happy Friday, all!


  1. I love the 70s music too! All the songs you mentioned and then some. Thanks!

  2. Hmm, I've turned my kids on to Queen and I love that I've done that. It's fun music but you definately have to appreciate it. :D

  3. You have great musical taste:) One of my all time favorites is Thin Lizzy's The Cowboy Song. And Black Water was a favorite sing-along on the bus going to high school ball games. Those were the days!

  4. Even though I {don't slap me} was born in the 70's so I don't technically REMEMBER these songs the way most people do, I still love them. I don't know if my mom used to play the records or what but I have almost all of these songs on my ipod. Heck by daughter's name is Aubrey. Most of my friends don't even know who Bread is! lol

  5. Gotta love the 70's!! Such formative teenage years!! You really had me going down memory lane.
    I wanted to answer your question about how I hung my trowel hanger. I used Scotch Brand heavy duty mounting square, one on each corner. They worked great and that trowel will be up there forever :)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I grew up listening to all these songs. My parents were in their 30's in the 70's and were still kick arse cool types.

    I was a kid so I dont remember noticing the music much anyway. I do however have several tragic photos of me wearing 70's fashion that I hope never see the light of day again...they will be the first things I destroy when I'm cleaning out my folks house.

    Thanks for linking up P!

  7. You picked lots of my favorites. I can belt out Crazy on You pretty well in the car. And yeah, Black Water always takes me to another place, vivid imagery in that song.

  8. Oh I love the Doobie Brothers....they are not very much known over here, but they are just great.

  9. Being born in 88, I think I'm kinda justified in only knowing one of those songs. But I recognised another 3 of the bands, so I'm feeling good about that.

  10. I'm always thinking that when the young people of today who love the rapp stuff are old...what will be their elevator music?\
    When music was great...50s, 60s and 70s.

  11. I loved 70's music, although I was a bit more into heavy metal. I used to listen to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Oh and when I wasn't head banging I'd listen to lots and lots of disco!

  12. Great stuff all of them. There was a coffee shop in Hot Springs that played 70's music and we spent a lot of time in there (My Guy is coffee powered). We'd recognize the songs, then argue over the ID of the band. Kiddo finally go so embaressed she moved across the shop and tuned into her MP3!

  13. Don't worry about doing a playlist. The international bloggers can't listen to them anyway, which is a shame.

    Thanks for a little musical education. I really enjoyed listening and I even recognized most of them ;). I do have to say that as I listened to Crazy for You, I came to the conclusion that that is the 70's precursor to all of those angst-y teenage years songs that came out of the 80's (lol).

    xo -El

  14. All great examples of awesome 70's rock. I must admit to being VERY partial to Black Water. One of my all time favorites. It's just so happy.


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