Friday, March 4, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Well, this has to be some kind of record for me, folks.  I started this quilt on Saturday and finished it Wednesday.  Even got a label on it AND delivered it!

This was made for a former next-door neighbor lady who has cancer.  I visited her last week Wednesday and wished I had a quilt to give her.  I had my camera along and was showing her pictures of a couple of the quilts I'd made, and she enjoyed seeing them.

I went home and pulled fabrics for a quilt to make for her.  I thought a Sudoku quilt like the ones Sarah had made would work nicely, and Sarah graciously shared her instructions with me.

When I stopped back to visit the neighbor lady this week, she saw what was in my bag and said, "Oh, you've brought a quilt to show me."  I unfolded it over her lap and said, "Yes, and take a look at the label."

"It's for you.  I thought I'd bring you a little bit of springtime early."

She was delighted!

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  1. that was so nice of you to do that for her! I bet she was brought to tears - you sure made it quickly! I bet it will brighten her days.

  2. Super Big Whoop! Whoop! for you!! There are times that I should have done this too. I'm determined no more of those times will get by me again. Thank you!!

  3. What a nice thing to do. I hand quilt, so there is no way I could finish a quilt that fast. Praying your neighbor.

  4. So sweet of you. And it's beautiful. :)

  5. Awesome! It came out beautifully. I love the florals.

  6. What a beaufiful quilt! This is truly a reflection of what a beautiful person you are!! How thoughtful!

  7. I love this. Not only the quilt, but the love that went into it. The quilt is beautiful, and I know your friend will cherish it!

  8. I have to say, this is beautiful! It is like spring and sunshine and blue skies. I hope it makes her happy.

  9. P., it's awesome!!! I love your fabric and color choices, and isn't it wonderful that it came together so quickly? That's one of the best things about that pattern. Here's a big pat on the back and a whoop whoop for you!!

  10. Massive whoop whoop! from me. 4 days from concept to finish is incredible. Added whoop for making someone's week too with your generosity.

    You are a total sweetheart (but I already knew that )

    The quilt is beautiful too - it screams Spring.

  11. P! Wow! That is just so beautiful. I love how it turned out! Just love it! Every fabric is perfect and you did such a beautiful job with the quilting. That is so, so nice. You've done just a really amazing job.

  12. So pretty! I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it:)


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