Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Cuts

Those fifteen minutes in the sewing room really do amount to something.  Today they amounted to an hour, during which I cut squares for a sudoku quilt.  

Quite a variety of different prints, but I think that's the charm.  I'm using four of the five FQs that were in the pack I found at Goodwill a week or so ago.  The others are pulled from stash.  We've got some Cosmo Cricket in there, second from left above, some Born to be Wild by Hoffman on the far left, and I wish you could see in person that rust print with the metallic details in the center.  The photo does it no justice.  It's by Robert Kaufman, Imperial Fusions:Kyoto.  Very luxurious.  It almost feels like a decorator weight fabric.  The print reminds me of pheasant feathers.

Yep, it's an eclectic mix, but I'm looking forward to sewing it up.  This one's for me, just going to be a throw.

I discovered The Avett Brothers last night when I clicked on a music recommendation for me on  As it turns out, I've heard one of their songs on the radio during the past few months (the second video) but didn't know who sang it.  I really like them a lot.  Maybe you will (or already do) too.  I like when music moves me, physically or otherwise.  There's just something very compelling about this band from North Carolina.


Shay said...

ooohh..I love the black floral and the other flowery one (middle bottom)

I have some of the Imperial Fusions stashed somewhere but not in that colourway and I agree -it feels like quality fabric.

Looking forward to seeing this one come together. You have a way of making eclectic work that I love.

Jane said...

It is an eclectic mix of fabrics but they all work so well together. It's going to be one beautiful throw!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

The fabrics will look great in that design!

Pokey said...

Your colors blend beautifully, P. This will be a neat completion, keep those 15 minutes coming (I love when they turn into an hour, too)!

SueWis said...

LOVE those fabrics. That wormy looking one is the best. Very unusual.

Elizabeth said...

I love it! That Robert Kaufman is really nice! I love the neat collection of colors you've got going on there. The quilt is going to be gorgeous!

xo -El


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