Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Progress Report

Time to check in with the 15 Minute Challenge of spending said amount of time per day in the sewing room.  I didn't make any notes this week, so I don't have a day-by-day breakdown, but I do know that I spent at least 15 minutes in the sewing room 4 out of 7 days this past Monday through Sunday, mostly on this: 

Time was spent cutting and sewing together these blocks for a sudoku quilt.  I had intended to get the sashing sewn on as well, but the turquoise Kona solid I thought would look so fabulous...didn't.  So I'm mulling over the options.  I'd like to use stash, if I can find something that will work.  I'm even considering a scrappy sashing.  Not sure how that would look, but then again, this is just something I'm going to throw over myself while I'm watching TV, so who cares? 

Well, maybe a few who might happen upon a picture of it on this blog and think, Hoo-boy, what was she thinking? and recoil a little bit.  But that's what they make those little mouse clickers for, so that one can move along before one gets a migraine or urps lunch.

I wish I had more in the way of sewing/quilting fabulousness to show for the week, but work is still kicking my rump and making me feel a little off to boot*.  Escaping to the sewing room for a while does help.  I only wish it could be for longer. 

It's interesting that I am applying the 15-minute process to other endeavors as well.  For instance, on the way to get groceries on Sunday, I swung by Goodwill for a quick run-through and found a lime green Pyrex casserole (top right in the photo below).  

*or it could be the Reese's Pieces eggs I bought to go in my mouth blue candy dish, even though they contain milk and I should therefore not have them in the house.  Not to mention the carton of Greek yogurt.  I totally caved to advertising.  I hope my GI tract will eventually forgive me. 


  1. Oh, P! The Sudoku quilt is GORGEOUS! You do such nice work, not only aesthetically, but the actual construction. Your squares lay so flat and the corners all match perfectly. Beautiful.

    Sorry that the turquoise sashing didn't work out; I always thought that turqouise was really quite a neutral color and went well with just about everything. Anyway, my 2c; have you got any red on hand?

    Your Pyrex display is so pretty. Glad you could find something new. And congrats on getting 15 minutes of sewing in each day. I've gotta get working; I need to finish Mr. Bug's quilt so I can move on to my Sudoku quilt too. You've once again totally inspired me.

    xo -E

  2. Sorry to hear you have such an intolerance to the dairy even when it comes to the goodies for Easter. I always reach for one over-priced holiday version of Reese's pb cups, as they seem to have more peanut butter (and they are fresher, too). Ah, what would any holiday be without the food indulgences, and then pay for it later in how we feel yucky? I think there is some therapy called for in that thinking, don't you, lol....

    It really is an encouragement P, to see what you accomplish with the small amount of time. I'm working at it! Maybe the 1st seam in that muslin shirt, maybe....

  3. The soduko quilt is wonderful .. how do you lay out the squares? I like the tan in between the blocks.

  4. I love your Sudoku quilt! What about black for the sashing? Of course, you know I've never actually sewn a quilt...so please take my color choice lightly! LOL

    Love the Pyrex and love the idea of the 15-minutes-a-project. Hmmm...as long as blog reading doesn't count, right? ;o)

    Happy Tuesday night, bloggy friend!

  5. It really is pretty with tan between the blocks, P.! I know that's just your carpet, but it looks good! I've not had too much trouble picking out the sashing, but I always wait until the center of the quilt is sewn together to pick out the border - because it almost always needed something other than what I had picked at the beginning when it was all put together! Something about the way the colors work out together...

  6. Very pretty sudoku quilt. I love how the bright blue works with the other golds, browns and rusts you choose.

    I've applied the 15 minute challenge concept to other things as well, usually something I don't really want to do. I read somewhere (unfortunately I don't remember where), "You can do anything for 15 minutes as long as you know you can stop at the end of that time".

    Thanks for linking up this week.

  7. An unhappy G.I. tract is rotten. I have Crohn's, so I can empathize:) Hope you feel better!

    I thought of you when I spied some pretty pyrex at the flea market last weekend!

  8. Ok so you have a complete knack for taking random fabrics and putting them together in a way that totally DONT look urp.

    I like Seams Inspired idea of black myself. I think it would make all those colurs even more eye poppingly goregeous.

    Love the fact you are now using the same principle for op shopping!

  9. My new project for this week is a suduko quilt too. My son is a nut for those puzzles and that is what he wants to make his math teacher, I thought that would be a good choice since as a 'math nerd' he would 'get it' ya know?

    Great work!

  10. Did not know that about Reese's Pieces, those sneaky lil devils.

    So, in a Sudoku quilt, you use sashing? I thought it would be like the puzzle with no dividers. Or maybe the sashing is very narrow to divide the 9 squares? I should google it instead of bugging you. :)

    Love your Pyrex, as usual.

  11. Love your blocks and LOVE your Pyrex and Goodwill! Thanks for inspiring me today to do 15 minute challenges today.

    I just found your blog and can't wait to read more. I linked to you today, hope you don't mind.

  12. Pyrex yum jump over and enter my first giveaway:)

  13. I've been hearing and hearing about these quilts, and now I finally get to see one! Thank you! I think it looks great. No urping here.


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