Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday - Berry Season

It's strawberry season here, and despite the gloomy, wet weather of this past week, I've made two trips to the U-Pick strawberry farm.  Except I don't pick, I pick up.  Thank goodness for the "ready-picked" variety, every bit as tasty with none of the mud, sweat, and skeeters.

This is what lunch has looked like this week.  Not shown is what I have eaten along with the big salad—leftover chicken, a fried egg, bratwurst.

But my favorite thing is the berry smoothie I've been whipping up as a midafternoon snack.

Put about a cup of cold water in a quart jar, add half a banana, about 1/4 cup of blueberries, and about 1/2 cup of strawberries.  I freeze the fruit so it's really cold and helps thicken the smoothie.

Add 3 tablespoons of protein powder.  I can't do whey protein, so this is soy.  I know there are some that say soy is bad, while others say soy is good.  It's confusing.  I don't have a problem with soy.

Blend the whole works together with one of those wand blenders.

And enjoy!  Mmm...

Here's another favorite from this week.  The Trucks and Tedeschi Band has a new album out called Revelator, and it is going right in my shopping cart on my next Amazon order.  Derek Trucks won a Grammy last year.  My brother knew him in Florida way back when Derek was still a kid, honing his guitar chops and hanging around The Allman Brothers Band.  He's now married to Susan Tedeschi, a talented musician/guitarist in her own right.  A power duo of blues rock!  I dare you not to bob your head to this one.   


  1. Mmm! Fabulous favourite! I make my smoothies with strawberries, blueberries and spinach. ☺

    Thanks for the music and new-to-me artists. I'm gonna look for some more of their music. I like it! She kinda reminds me of an earthy, bluesy, and funky Linda Rondstadt.

    Happy FTF! ☺

  2. Gotta love the berries! Can't wait to her the song you put up. (Can't listen now, unfortunately.)

  3. The smoothie looks wonderful. We are getting a lot of strawberries right now also. I have been making jam!

  4. Beautiful berries. I love summer, all the yummy fresh fruit at the stores and at the farmers market.

    Great music. My Guy says thanks. He didn't know that they had put out an album together. It will be on his next music order I'm sure.

  5. I love strawberries too.

  6. Your strawberries look so yummy!! I need to go get some myself....

  7. Just listened to the Tedeschi Trucks Band YouTube video. Totally awesome! :-)

  8. My daughter and I were just talking about "Derek and Susan" yesterday. She's a big fan!
    The smoothie looks so good! I've been making a concoction from bananas, vanilla soy milk and chocolate syrup that I kind of like. Maybe a strawberry in there would liven it up!

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm berries. We can get them year round here but I have to say Summer strawberries taste different and so much better.

    The strawberries in your picture look so good I can almost taste them !

    I want tot hank you for dropping by and sharing these for FTF this week but Im so jealous Im almost spitting. It's a good thing I like you!

  10. I've been enjoying strawberries to. The smoothie looks yummy!

  11. Lovin the berries here too. Frozen ones do work well for smoothies, I agree! We have one of those Magic Bullet blenders and I love it, worth every penny.

  12. Great favorite!! Now I want a smoothie!!

  13. Your salad looks really good! And I love berry smoothies! I can't wait until the raspberries come on in my back yard! YUM!

    Great FTF!

    xo -E


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