Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Sugar Coating

Hi.  You know what I'm doing right now?  I'm NOT baking that chocolate cake I so want to, and NOT then frosting it with chocolate frosting, and NOT eating at least two large pieces.

Woe is me.

This giving up sugar business is making me cranky.  Or it could be PMS, or a combination of the two.  Anyway, I am craving and crabby.  Stay out of my way.

Now, that's not completely true.  No one needs to stay out of my way, because in real life, what I do is hole up in my office or bedroom or sewing room when I'm crabby.  I take myself out of the mix, so to speak.  Maybe turn on some music.  Eat something junky (but not today).  It's too hot to walk tonight.  There's a heat advisory, which is a convenient excuse that works for me.  I know I have a treadmill inside a home that's air conditioned to within a degree of igloo status.  Shaddap.

In a little bit I will have to saunter back over to work for a while.  I'm waiting until all the cars are gone from the parking lot though (see, holing up).  Also, I don't want to talk to anyone about the file I was working on recently that has suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from the computer and, by extension, the face of the earth.  

I swear I didn't eat it. 

So add a little anxiety to the list of things a chocolate cake would make, at least momentarily, all better. 

Did you know V8 contains sugar?  I have polished off a six pack of V8 this week and only tonight paused long enough to read the label.  There it was, SUGAR, for crying out loud.

I also had some Grillin' Beans the other day, which I should have known better but was in denial, apparently.  They were really good.

However, I did NOT use Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce in the sloppy joes last night, like I usually do.  At least they're up front with "Sweet" being the first word in the product.

I did find some new music I liked today.  You know what made me click on the Amazon link to the CD?  The title, "Strings Much Better Left to Fray."  It's a line from the song, Here and Now.  Don't be put off by the band name, this is a melodic tune.  Give it a shot, you may be surprised.  And I promise, no hidden sugar. Now that's sweet.

Update: Went for a walk at sundown. Had some watermelon. Feel better.


  1. Somehow I missed the part where you told us WHY you are giving up sugar. Are you doing the protein diet, or are you diabetic, or some other reason?

    ANYTHING that has carbohydrates in it has sugar. And - - - that's just about everything.

    The cake sounds good. How about you go ahead and make it, and I'll come help you eat it so you won't GET as much sugar. Hehehehehehehe

  2. I feel your pain! I'm counting every little calorie these days.

    How about a shot of JD? Just a thought..

    Chocolate cake does sounds good:)

  3. Keetha: Just for overall health. I'm not giving up carbs or natural sugars (i.e., fruit), just the refined stuff. I don't know if that's possible, but I'm giving it a shot. I feel like an addict. This reminds me of giving up cigs way back when. Maybe harder.

  4. Its perfectly all right to eat chocolate. Its a veggie;-) It comes from a bean.

    blessings, jilly

  5. To improve on Sweet Lemonade's advice, dark chocolate is good for brain function, and has anti-oxidants in it, so how can it be bad for you? It also has less sugar....

    And Vicki @ DottyJane is such a good Tennessee girl!! She's right, it might help!!

    Everything in moderation......

  6. You are not alone!

    Get a glass of ice water, mix in some cucumber slices, and hydrate. Cool your seething soul. (Sounds pretty profound, huh?)

  7. Wow...You managed to convey rampant sugar deprivation with every single word.

    I wont tell you I ate just the icing from a chocolate cake tonight because that would be just mean.

    For crying out loud -eat some candy and put yourself out of this misery ..

  8. Now that summer's rolling around there'll be lots of natural sugar yumminess right? I love watermelon in July and August.

  9. I hear your pain, and seeing it's a couple of days later than the post, I'm hoping it has eased off.

    On your same side of the coin, will it help to tell you that six years ago (and we were so much lighter then!), Larry and I actually did get the sugar out, and it lasted six months. Refined sugar is an inflammatory, and we went pure low carb for that six months. A sugar addict? I testify it is true. Life crept back in, with CHOCOLATE, pies, bbqs, regular living... and we are not better for it. With our arthritis in full force, I'm asking why we don't value freedom of motion over the sweets...you tell me that's not addiction....(now that sounds like an admission if I ever read one, lol!)

    hang in there because it is well worth it, hugs, pokey

  10. Giving up sugar is not for the faint of heart. Kudos to your for sticking to it.


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