Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I have done nothing sewing related for the better part of a week.  You know how it goes sometimes; life happens.  

On Saturday, we moved my daughter from an apartment here in her home town to new digs in Madison, where she's been working for a couple months.  Trading three hours of commute time (and gas) per day for a four-minute zip to work is definitely worth it.  Sunday, we cleaned her old apartment from top to bottom, and on Monday, we had the annual Memorial Day/Dad's birthday family gathering and cookout.  

All in all, things went well.  I didn't take a single photo of any of the weekend activities, though.  I guess I was preoccupied with logistics, pacing myself energy-wise, and the other thoughts and emotions that crop up during times like these.

I'm bummed her new apartment didn't have the whirlpool tub like in the model she was shown.  I was already scheming to visit just to soak in that tub.  Oh well, at least there's a pool on the premises and loads of shopping nearby.  (Please don't take me seriously here; hanging out with my daughter is all the reason I need to visit.  But if I can find a quilt shop on that side of the city, all the better.)

The first iris bloomed yesterday!  There are many more to follow, from the looks of all the buds.

The chives are blossoming.  Did you know the flowers are good in a salad or stir fry?

The rabbits are bellying up to the garden every day and chowing down on their favorites.  They decimated my tulips before they ever had a chance this spring.  Now they're noshing on the lamium.  I just wish the Bunnies Foo-Foo would move around the salad bar instead of sampling the same spot until it's bare.  There's got to be some kind of limits on all-you-can-eat.

I swung by a thrift store today while out running errands and found these two vintage cocktail glasses for 29 cents apiece.  Who can say no to that?  Not me.

Bear with me, I'll get my sewing mojo back soon.  I have a heart block to paper piece and mail off and my H2H quilt to finish, first and second on the to-do list.  I had to watch Sarcastic Quilter's paper piecing videos all over again last night to refresh my memory, can you believe it?  And I'd just learned that, what, six weeks ago?  Sheesh. 


  1. It sounds like we're all trading a little sewing focus for some other things in life at the moment. I guess for you guys in the Northern part of the world that's because it's coming into Summer and lovely weather.

    From what I can see of your garden it's looks wonderful even if bunnies think certain parts of it are a free for all smorgasboard!

  2. Quadratic equation? What the heck is that?

    I think the brain is like the memory on a computer. There is only room for so much in there before the memory chip is full. If only we could add more memory chips on a computer.

    Beautiful Irises! Mine are blooming too! I love spring! Sorry about the rabbits eating away at your garden. That is lame.

    I loved the little peek at your yard. It looks like a really beautiful place to hang out.

    xo -E

  3. What pretty irises and chives. I didn't know you could eat the chive flowers.

    Darn bunnies!

    Glad to hear your daughter got moved. Good mom and dad!

  4. Not sure what side of town you're hoping to find a quilt shop, but be sure to check out Mill House Quilts in Waunakee (just north of Madison). Nice people, great variety, and beautiful space.

  5. I thought for sure all those things were lurking in some obscure corner of my spleen! Hilarious!

    Love the flowers, but darn those bunnies. I think our mighty hunter (in her own head) outside cat must keep them away from our yard.

    You daughter must be thrilled not to have that drive every day:) Good for her!

  6. Glad that you could spend time with your daughter. All the flower pictures are pretty. My iris are blooming to. Have a nice weekend!

  7. We may have passed you on the highway. I think we have worn a path from here to Madison to get our oldest set for college. He did not tell us he was signing up for the summer session until for weeks ago. Sunday is graduation, Monday is the first day of school.

    Thanks for sharing your garden!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Did not know you could eat the chive blossoms.

    My iris are a little ahead of yours. The first blossoms are spent and pretty brown, with newer blossoms on the same stems at their peak.

    I have not been sewing much lately either. Oh well, it will be there when we get back to it. :)


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