Monday, June 27, 2011

What's on Deck

So I was telling Shay, in response to her query on my previous post about whether I came away from the lake feeling peaceful and zen, that indeed I did.  And in my zen-like state, I eventually noticed that I'd been walking around the park, all peaceful, in a new shirt from which I had not removed the tag.

And after that, we went across town to a thrift store, where I scored some Pyrex.  All peaceful and zen.

A couple weeks ago, I took advantage of a sale on solids at Connecting Threads (still going on).  From left, to right, they are Carrot, Mint, Meadow, Cornflower, Peach, Sprout, Spring Green, Blush, Custard, and Apricot.  Aren't they yummy?

Some of these will be used in the kaleidoscope quilt I'll be making for the quilt-along.  Would you like to see the other fabrics I'm using?  Are you sitting down?

I really do hope it all works out and that it looks less Battle Royale and more Can't We Just All Get Along?  Because I've got such a great name picked out for it, if it turns out.  If not, I may have to call it something else.

Such as, a Colorful Clusterf**k.  Or, you know, "CC" for short.

Have you seen the new Flickr group called How Should I Quilt This?  I'm going to upload my black and white quilt top photo to the group for input.  Feel free to chime in with any suggestions in the comments here too.  Keep in mind I'm still relatively new at the free-motion quilting thing.  I'm not against stretching a bit, but I think something like feathers are still beyond me at this point.

You know what I would like to see in my backyard, other than the population of woodland critters who think my flower bed is their own personal Garden of Eden?  

That would be the guy who's supposed to be working on my deck.  It's been 10 days since he was last seen.  Maybe he fell down a giant rabbit hole?

Oh, and I almost forgot.  There was basting today.  Finally.


  1. Looking at your black and white quilt, I am reminded of a Zen garden - you know, those ones with stones and sand that they rake designs into? Your black squares stand out like the stones, so I think I'd try a "rake-like' quilting style around them! It's awfully pretty, whatever you do...

    And I almost hope you have to name that quilt CC, just because it's funny!!

  2. I think your colors for your Kaleidoscope look great, as for the black n white one, since there is a lot of straight lines, you want the quilting to be curvy. and vice versa if it is the other way around. That is what I was told years ago. It does seem to work for the quilts too. so some kind of swirly stuff...oh BRB.......found it something like this here in this picture

  3. Thanks for linking to the new group Paulette! I think you should treat the background and squares differently. Like meandering the background and the doing more detailed patterns in the squares. Maybe leave the black borders unquilted for some pop? Love this fabrics you pulled for the kaleidoscope....

  4. Omigod! CC! (Not just LOL, but ROFLMAO!) Actually, while I totally love the back up name, I'm sure those yummy fabrics will all play just beautifully together.

    That B&W quilt is just gorgeous.

  5. Bloody tradespeople drive me nuts sometimes. Your deck is unfinished and I'm still hot waterless!

    I saw the connecting threads sale too and desperately wanted some but she wasnt posting to my part of the world. It probably saved me a fortune. But now Im all jealous again because your fabrics look so pretty all lined up like that!

    Ok now on to the elephant in the room ...the CC quilt. I'll have you know I spat coffee all over my monitor when I read that . I do however think the fabrics are divine and will create something totally eye popping. The proposed name made my eyes pop too.

    P.S. Nobody noticed your shirt tag and if they did well're probably never going to see them again anyway .It's not like you were walking round in public without undies or anything.

  6. Your fabrics and colours are GORGEOUS, I want to raid your stash! That black and white quilt is stunning, I especially love that tiny hit of red, what a great design element, I'd like to try one like that!

  7. Love your fabrics! The black and white quilt looks great. I'm not a black and white person, but I'm starting to change my mind after seeing your quilt! It is a great design!

  8. Oh I forgot to mention that I just bought some new shorts and left the house wearing them with the tags on! I guess the fashion police didn't catch me :)

  9. No suggestions for how to quilt the black & white -- maybe a loopy meander? I'm not good at choosing what to quilt. I tend to stick with what I know.

    Also, LOVE those solids (you should get a referral fee on the amount I'm contemplating purchasing from Connecting Threads). And your Kaleidoscope quilt is going to be awesome. Your work always is. You do a great job of putting things together in amazing ways.

    xo -E


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