Friday, January 20, 2012

Deal or No Deal?

I think it was a deal!  But aside from plugging it in and hitting the foot feed to see if it ran (oh, it purred), the jury is still out.

For less than the price of lunch, this Singer Model 600 came home with me on Wednesday from Goodwill.  We took a roundabout way home though.  

While shopping, I spied a mid-century sewing table, closed up.  The sign said "Sewing Table $9.99."  The table had seen better days, for sure, and I really wasn't interested in the furniture.  I lifted the lid, however, and peeked inside.  There was a machine in there, and I recognized it immediately!  

It was just like the one I'd passed up at a different thrift store a couple weeks ago, the only difference being this model had the button to wind the bobbin in a different place (this is a 600 "Auto Reel", that was a 600E).

I looked the machine over but didn't buy it right away.  Instead, I went home and—what else—Googled a bit.  Then I called a repair guy to find out if he still did repairs (he's been "retired" a while).  Sadly, he said his eyesight was failing and he didn't, but he gave me the name of another man he highly recommended.  I called the second man, and he said he'd be happy to go over it for me.  He just wanted me to make sure it was one of the models with all metal parts (it was).

So I went back to Goodwill and bought it.  The sales associate grabbed a screwdriver and helped me remove it from the table, and I "re-donated" the table (that's what they called it, because I didn't want the table itself, and they were fine with that).

I'll give it a cleaning, oiling and test drive this weekend.  Then, if it needs any other work, I'll take it to the fix-it man.  Daughter, if you're reading this, you may be looking at your "new" machine. 

As far as actual sewing, there hasn't been much happening here (work has had other plans for me), but I did make a scrappy courthouse steps block for the Sew Scraps Along.

I've got an idea for this block, but it involves cutting and piecing it into something else, in a way I've never done before.  I'll need some weekend time to play around with that scheme, though.  If it works, you'll see it again in another form.  If not, it was fun while it lasted!


  1. Great colors in your block. I'm pretty curious to see what you'll do with it!
    Sweet machine! Fingers crossed that's it's a good one:)

  2. Gotta love deals like that! Great looking block too!

  3. Nice courthouse steps! Your cheerful pattern is perfect for perking up a gray day like today. Stay safe!

    With all of this snow, you might just HAVE to stay in and fiddle with your new to you machine.

  4. Love you log cabin block! Great colors too. You are lucky to find a machine! I always see one or two but always afraid to purchase.

  5. Love the block! What a deal on the sewing machine. I swear at my goodwill, I can't buy a glass for $9.99 (I'm exaggerating, of course, but it seems like that).

  6. That may be the most perfect block I have ever seen! Great job!

    Nice score on the machine! Hope it's a new heirloom!
    Whoop Whoop!

  7. Wow. $9.99 for a sewing machine. I may have to start thrifting. Although, I'm not sure what I'd do with another machine.

    That scrappy court-house steps block is AMAZING! Fabulous, I tell you!

    I got some really great deals yesterday. I went shopping, and I always shop the clearance rack. I got a $150 coat for $18.00 Seriously. And it is so stinkin' cute. I got some other really great deals as well ($118 dress for $13.22, $50 top for $5.16) and had a really great time at it.

    Again, LOVE the block. You do great things with color and pattern.

    xo -E

  8. Im woop wooping left right and centre here P. Firstly I cant believe you got a sewing machine for under 10 bucks (is that the best bargain ever ?) She looks great!

    And secondly your courthouse block is utterly beautiful!

  9. Can't wait for the story to continue on the sewing machine. And you're really going to cut up that pretty block?? Uh oh, I gotta see what happens next.

  10. Wow! It sure sounds like a deal! Awesome.

    And that block is gorgeous, I love the turquoise and gold / yellow.

  11. I love the older machines. They are sew much more fun.

  12. I've given up on vintage sewing machines, I've had my share. I love the old black Singers the best -- for looks, I just don't like the feed dogs on any of them. Many, I'm sure, will disagree but after my Juki F600 and now Bernina 550 QE, I'll pass on the vintage machines.

    Great courthouse block, I love the fabrics you used and the piecing is perfect!

    p.s., I really dislike that Kenmore I bought, even after a full servicing. If you lived closer, I'd gift it to you!


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