Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year = NewFOs

I've been thinking about what I'd like to do, creatively, in this new year, but I sort of suck at goal setting.  Give me some loose parameters and I'm good to go.  Too loose, though, and I'll procrastinate and self-sidetrack 'til the cows come home.

I do like to finish what I've started, eventually.  Thanks to Myra's PHD (Projects Half Done) Challenge last year, I finished a number of carry-overs from 2010.  I've come into this year with only one UFO, which is great!  If you count the quilt top I just finished today (below), that makes two. 

Anyway, when I read about the 2012 NewFO Challenge at Cat Patches, I thought, hey, that sounds like a great idea!  Start something new each month but don't fret about finishing it.  I can do that!  Loose enough parameters for me to be creative and not sweat the finish line—and move me along towards trying some new things or starting one from the bucket list, bookmarks, or mental wish list.  Sounds like a plan!

Here are some things I have in mind, and these are all just general ideas, in no particular order:

1.  Throw Me a Curve (drunkard's path quilt or something else with curves)
2.  Scrap Happiness (because something scrappy makes me happy) Edited to add: I just joined the Sew Scraps-Along at Pleasant Home too!
3.  Stringing Along (a project featuring strings)
4.  Library Corner (from any quilt book I already own/haven't tried yet)
5.  Love One Another (a charity quilt)
6.  Carry On (a purse, bag, fabric basket, etc.)
7.  Paper Pieced (so I don't forget how)
8.  Oddly Inspired (a quilty creation inspired by something non-quilty)
9-12.  ???? (to be determined)

So that's the plan, man.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind and/or combine any of the aforementioned general ideas into one project.  In any case, there will be at least one NewFO per month. And since all I have to do is get started, it leaves leeway for other things, like practicing FMQ (the other 2012 challenge I'm on board with) and other putzing.

Want to join the fun?  Visit Cat Patches for the details (you can click the button on the sidebar over there -->.  Oh, and did I mention there will be prizes? :)


  1. OK, I am missing it... so instead of finishing an existing project, the challenge is to start more? Thats no challagnge, I do that anyhow :) no encouragment needed.

  2. I don't really need any more help starting lots of new things, but since I do start them all the time anyhow, I guess I can go list them there. :D Then stick with the other 6 challenges, to help me get them all finished.

  3. I'm so happy you've joined in. This is a wonderful list. Lots of variety. I'm determined to do a scrap quilt this year too.

  4. Ha, ha! NewFO's! So clever. When I read it, I thought it meant a new year to finish UFO's. Not the other way around. I love your list of potential projects. You are so creative!

    I also LOVE the Chain Linked quilt. So pretty! You must e-mail Amy when you've finished! i know she will love it!

    No NewFO's for me. 2012 is going to be about the finishes in my little quilting corner. Thinking about starting something new without getting a boat-load of unfinished projects done makes me twitchy. I already have most of what I need to finish the quilts on my list, so there will me minimal spending, but still lots of creativity going on!

    Cant wait to see what you do this year!

    xo -E

  5. Sounds like you have some good ideas. I want to start some new things this year but I'm a little at sea as to what.
    Thanks for the links-they may help.

  6. That's quite a list, P. I look forward to seeing all your finishes for 2012. For me, this is the year I learn to quilt! ☺

  7. Reserving the right to change your mind is very wise:) I joined a challenge to finish a small project every month, so maybe another that doesn't need finishing would be a good balance. Thanks for the link! Interesting list, by the way:)

  8. I have a list of quilts I'd like to try in 2012 but I came into the year with about 7 unfinished quilts. I really want to knock some of those off first and then I'll think about starting new things.

    I love the idea though of having a finish every month so maybe small projects would be the way to go for me !

  9. How fun! Of course now you have all of these witnesses.

    Your quilt there ROCKS!

  10. LOL! Now that is one quilt resolution I could probably handle. *sigh* BUT I got so little done last year in the way of finishing UFOs, I can't!

    That quilt top is just stunning!

  11. Whoo! Your 2012 list leaves me breathless. I only finished 3 quilts and a wall hanging last year. However, I do like the idea of a yearly list.


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