Friday, January 6, 2012

Whoop-Whoop Friday ~ Chain Linked

Temps in the mid-40s, hardly any snow, in January?  In Wisconsin?  It's true!  It felt almost balmy today as I hung my latest flimsy on the clothesline.  I am not complaining; I'll take this any day over all the snow we had last year at this time.

I finished the Chain Linked quilt earlier this week.  I'm loving the pops of yellow and orange and turquoise!

The pattern is by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter.  It was a fun one to put together, once I figured out what my sashing colors were going to be (Mink is the dark brown, and Ash is the gray, from Connecting Threads).  I ordered a pile of other solids spread out over several orders because I just couldn't seem to hit upon the right combination.  Finally stumbled upon it, though, I think.

The other browns and tans and creams that didn't make the cut will get used in something else eventually.

I've got it hung sideways in these pics, because my clothesline is only so high and I didn't want it dragging the ground.

The print fabrics I used included Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda, among others.  I combined two different FQ bundles won in giveaways this past year, plus a couple others thrown in, some Paula Prass Woodcut Garden, the orange and turquoise from Joann.

Now I'm wondering what color thread to quilt it with.  Always an afterthought!

How about you?  What have you been working on this first week of the new year?


  1. Since you are sending this to me, you are right? I think any thread color works, I'm not picky. Love how this looks!

  2. This is just a great quilt. Pull some threads out - wiggle lay across the quilt on various color blocks to get an idea what works with all - myself, I would go with a varigated gray.

  3. I've quilted quite a few quilts now and I'm constantly surprised with what looks good that I didn't predict. I find that laying the threads across the quilt works. Lay anything that you have. I'll use thin thread to de-emphasize the stitching or thick thread to make it stand out. I'm certain however that whatever you pick, it will make a lovely quilt even more lovely! Nice job!!!

  4. Oh I am loving this! The warm colors go great with the gray. If you want your quilting to show, how about a thread matching the blue?

  5. I've been working on keeping my sanity. Babysitting a 2 year old does that to me. If I have to watch Megamind one more time Im going to go postal.

    Right- back to you since this is your post and I dont want to be accused of hijacking it.

    I LOVE that quilt. LOVE it -I tell you . And the fabrics you chose were perfect. I have some Picnic Parade lurking round here that would look lovely in a quilt like that.

    This quilt is one of my all time favourites. I'll be watching to see what you do with the quilting...

  6. This pattern is on my to do list for 2012. I would quilt it using either orange yellow or turquoise. Or a mixture of all 3.

  7. This just turned out so very nicely! You did a great job!
    Whoop Whoop!

  8. I've been working on work this week. I've barely been able to keep my eyes open in the evenings and have sewn for less than 1 hour each evening, so not much progress to report.

    But what I should have lead with here is WHOOP! WHOOP!. Such a gorgeous quilt! I love the colors! I hope you've e-mailed Amy with photos :D.

    xo -E

  9. I just love that quilt. I've never seen a pattern like that until you started showing in here on your blog.

    What I do NOT love is this HOT winter we are having. I WANT the snow and cold. Why our cross country skis are getting really lonely and forlorn all unused in the garage!

  10. WOW!! Love your color choices. I have this on my list and I think it's gonna move up a bit.

  11. I'd never think of using the brown and gray together, but they really work. Don't you love Kate Spain's fabrics?

    Can't wait to see it all crinkly:)

  12. Whoop whoop on your beautiful quilt! And we are (or at least we WERE) enjoying wonderfully unseasonable warm weather here too - but it seems like it's headed out now - it's getting cooler instead of warmer today! Oh well - enjoy it while you can!!

  13. Simply awesome! Another terrific quilt top P. You go, girl!

  14. Gorgeous! I love this pattern and your choice of fabrics is perfect!


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