Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cornerstone Conundrum

Here is the Breathe quilt laid out on the floor.  The pattern calls for cornerstones between the sashing strips.  I am holding auditions. 

You'll note the outer border will most likely be the black/gray print, probably not quite so wide as it is folded here.

First up is the yellow-gold.  The camera flash gives this combo a ketchup-and-mustard quality, though I do like it in natural light as it seems to pick up some of the yellow-golds in the apple and black floral prints. 

Second (below) is my old standby, black with white dots.  I have used this many times before.  I hate to be redundant but it seems to add a little spark without making me want a hotdog.

Third (below) is a gray on black print which doesn't seem to compete for much attention at all against the blocks.  There is a subtle difference between noncompetitive and dull, however, and I can't quite decide which category this falls into.  Alternatively, I could use the same print as the outer border, a similar gray on black whose effect, I imagine, would be much the same.

Any thoughts?  Preferences?  Other suggestions?


  1. your quilt is looking great! I agree, the first one looks like ketchup & mustard :) I'd probably go with #2, myself.

  2. Ya #2....although all look great!

  3. Definitely #2 for my vote.

    And, wow! You've been busy! I love how that is coming along. You've truly worked your magic once again.

    xo -E

  4. You whipped that up fast! I like it with either of the black cornerstone options

  5. #2, definitely! A little competition is good for the soul.... (pretty quilt, by the way!!

  6. I'm out voted.....but I say #1 gold....I think it lets the blocks pop out.

  7. I like the 2nd one with the dots the best! =D

  8. This looks amazing!!!

    I like the black with white dots cornerstones.

  9. I think any of these would look great, but I like the idea of the cornerstones matching the outside border.

  10. I like the idea of matching the border. I love the top.

  11. I am crocheting with yellow, orange, and red, so I vote for the yellow. You sure do whip them up quick.


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