Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mini Zig

I whipped up a little mini over the weekend.  I've been seeing some amazing zigzag quilts in the works, like the one Wanda is working on, among others.  Of course, my sewing room is away from my computer so instead of referring to what's already out there for how-tos, I sort of reinvented the wheel and sketched out a rough plan before I cut any fabric.

Yeah, I know, I'm technical that way.  I'm probably the only one who can decipher my chicken scratching there, but perhaps I will post a tutorial in the future.  [Updated to add:  Tutorial is now HERE].

It does differ from others in the fact that I used four fabrics, two of which repeat.  One is the vintage floral print.  I *heart* that fabric.

Are you surprised to see it juxtaposed with the red print that looks like it came straight off The Dating Game set, circa 1970?  That's a contemporary print but I cut off the selvage a while ago now and don't recall who makes it.

I made sure to treat Juki Jane right this time.  Oiled and de-linted her and gave her a fresh needle...which broke about a quarter of the way through quilting when I hit a bumpy seam.  It was pretty dramatic the way it shattered, and it gave me a little scare.  Made me glad I was wearing my reading glasses!

Quilted in little free-form daisies, just like the ones I used to draw on my notebook in school back in the day.  Finished at 12 inches square.

This will be a little giftie for a friend.

I'm linking to Connie's Free Motion by the River Linky Party Tuesday and A Stitch in Time 2012 Finishes.  Click and visit!

September Finishes


  1. So cute! I love zig-zags and I love your minis! The deep zigs and zags on this mini are awesome, and I totally got the Dating Game reference. Great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  2. i actually had to think a minute about your vintage fabric P! i sooo love that you are using it up!! its looks fabulous in your mini zig!

  3. That red is from a Moda Valentines line, I just started making my "Speck" Schnibbles last night and it was in the charm pack I chose...can remember the name of it though...

  4. Cute...especially the quilting design!

  5. Such a cute design and such adorable quilting! =D

  6. LOVE the Mini Zig. Would love a tutorial too. Glad the needle break wasn't life-threatening...to you or your machine. :)

    PS...Think I got the no-reply thingie fixed. Happy Tuesday!

  7. Totally love the zag - and I think I had the same thing happen once with a needle and remember it very clearly! So glad I wore glasses too, which was uncommon for me at the time it happened to me. Need safety goggles :)

  8. That's adorable, P.! I love those zigs!! And a nice juxtaposition of vintage and new, too.

    I named my Juki Tillie.....

  9. I love to see someone else using good old-fashioned graph paper. YEAH for old school!

  10. Im a fan of the zig zag. It looks wonderful with those bright retro prints.

    Darn good job on the quilting too P!

  11. What a great wall hanging and I love the fun fabrics! Too bad about the needle and yes....wear glasses! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Great projects. Thanks for linking up.


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