Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Dad picked up his book from the printer yesterday.  More specifically, 500 plus copies of his book, which, if you ever wondered, looks like this.

It was a big day.  He got busy right away autographing the first few copies for his kids and grandkids. 

Helping edit the book over the past several months was for me a joy, challenge, frustrating enterprise, major distraction, learning experience, and labor of love.  It was all of those things, and more.  Anything worth doing is.

I am happy to see it in its final form, proud of my dad for "just doing it," and excited that he will be sharing it with the area community in the coming weeks and months.  It will be available for sale at several local retailers and nonprofit groups.


  1. wow, thats very exciting to write a book. It seems like alot of hard work

  2. What an amazing accomplishment for both of you! Congratulations!

  3. Wow congratulations! You both must be so excited to see the finished book and get to autograph some too =D

  4. That is such a neat accomplishment for your Papa! I think if I were you I'd feel proud to have had a part in it, P. Very Cool!

  5. It looks fabulous!

    I am the president of our library's friends group. Would he be interested in coming this far to do a book signing, or maybe talk about his book at our monthly senior luncheon event?

    It takes an hour for me to get to the east side of Madison.

    This Saturday we are having a book signing event with an Orfordville author who wrote a book about her relative helping save children in Nazi Germany.

    Yay for you guys! What a project.

  6. I used to hear about the marsh when I was growing up in WI. So fun to see someone from there has a book out. I wish him Good Luck in the selling venture.

  7. Wow! Just, wow! There's nothing like seeing a huge project completed! I hope you got editor's credits (and that you don't have to go on tour!).

    Yay for both of you!

    xo -E

  8. What a joyful thing it is for you and your Dad to have had this experience together P! Kudos to him and to you!


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