Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I figured it was time to do a photo dump of some stuff I've found at the thrift stores lately.  There's not enough time and attention span to cover everything that has come home with me, but here are a few highlights.

How about this vintage apron I found last weekend?  Dolly is wearing it with one of my favorite raspberry colored t-shirts, but because she's so puny, I had to do some major clothes-pinning in the back.  She didn't want to look "sloppy" in it.  Well, the nerve.  So what if she's a size 4, at least I have appendages!

Seriously though, isn't it cute?  Rickrack pocket trim, scalloped hem, bias trim, and those colors.  Swoon.

I don't know what this next thing is, or if it has any purpose other than sitting there looking all interesting and stuff.  But hey, I'll buy 99 cents of WTF any day.

It is a glazed ceramic ball—call it a gazing ball or perhaps, more appropriately, a glazing ball, because that's kind what you do (glaze over) when you start looking at this thing.  You are getting sleepy...

This side reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

I found this platter one day at Goodwill, and the next day found the gravy boat in a different spot.  No, I do not go to Goodwill every day.  The first day happened to be a Saturday, but I needed to go back to see what color tag was on 50% sale on Sunday.  Scientific research, you know.

There are no markings on either piece.  Does anyone have a clue?

And this leaf-themed bowl was the same, no markings.  Looks like it's just waiting for some Halloween candy or those last cherry tomatoes from the garden.

I had to have the small golden enamel over stainless steel bowl too.  Right now it's holding all the Goodwill price tags I've cut off the shirts I'm selling on eBay.  What can I say?  I've been on kind of a jag.

Dolly even got in on the eBay act.  Here she is modeling a Harley Davidson shirt.  She went on strike after this one, though.  Not in the mood to have multiple shirts yanked on and off, and honestly neither was I.  We resorted to photos on hangers after that.  Boring but more efficient and less temperamental.

We do what we have to to keep the talent appeased.

Now these dishes, I knew were Homer Laughlin.  How did I know?  I turned them over, silly.

They now reside happily ever after at Mom Wald's Place!

And last but not least, I have started to think about Halloween decorating, starting with framing some thrifted gargoyle postcards in a likewise thrifted frame.

I would really have liked a goth looking frame to up the creepiness factor, but I'm not going to worry about it now.  Okay, I admit that I tried to make this frame less shiny bright and more creepy with some dollar store "spooky fabric" and about three kinds of tape, but that was a monumental craft fail and there went an hour of my life.  Anyway, I think the gargoyles are doing a fair job of being creepy all on their own. 

That, my friends, is a Merman.  For reals.  He hangs out in Italy somewhere, in a perpetual state of expressing the international sign for choking.  How big was that piece of seaweed?  I think I'll call him Heimlich. 

I'll save the thrift store fabric finds for another day.  Happy treasure hunting to you!


Mary said...

Loved your post! I love thrift store shopping too. I have no idea who the maker of the platter and gravy boat are. Great find!

I havd noticed my little town has just sprouted two new antique/junk/treasure stores in the last couple weeks.

Is it worthwhile to sell your finds on eBay?

Elizabeth said...

That china is SO beautiful! Love all your other pretty dish finds, the gazing ball is . . . interesting, and I can totally see Starry Night in it, I LOVE the pockets and trim on that cute little apron and the postcards are creepy. Is there a purpose for saving the Goodwill tags? And do they have a system for which colored tags go on sale on certain days.

Also, good luck with your eBay sales! It is so fun to watch the bids trickle in. I hope that they all go really well for you!

xo -E

Mina said...

You have some great finds!

Is there a secret to getting such great finds? I never find anything when I shop at thrift stores.

Cherie said...

Wow what great finds! I haven't been to a thrift store in a while. I plan to head to a few tomorrow.
Wow those postcards really are creepy!! =D

MomWaldsPlace said...

Oooh, you find such wonderful goodies!

Taylor Smith and Taylor made that shape of creamer.

They also used the leaf decal, and called it "Leaf O'Gold". What a perfect bowl for autumn!

Some decals and shapes were used by more than one company for certain distributors, such as Sears.

I cannot bear to put the golden roses away yet. :)

Michelle said...

What a haul! That WTF round thing is rather interesting. :)

Unknown said...

You got really lucky with your thrift store finds. I was lucky and found some Ralph Lauren slacks the other day and they were 1/2 off! Good luck on the e-bay sales!


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