Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Busy Wheel

My sister admired the Carpenter's Wheel wall hanging I made around the holidays last year, so I put one together for her last weekend.  She likes jewel tones, and I had a couple of older Christmas fabrics left over from Mom's stash that I thought would be nice to use.
Instead of a plain lighter background, I used a text print with seasonal greetings that a friend gave me.  I'm not sure if it works or just makes the whole thing too busy.  It's a horse apiece, in my opinion.
But if Sis doesn't like it, I'll make her another one, and this will either become a gift or I'll hang it in the hallway.
The backing is a thrift store fabric find from earlier in the year.  I love that shade of vintage-y green.  All the Christmas fabrics have a metallic bit to them.
Although I haven't (and can't yet) show pictures of everything I've been working on, I am happy to have knocked out six wall hangings/minis/table runners, a half dozen pillowcases, and a few pairs of jammy pants over the past several weeks, and all that while the sewing room has been in a state of flux.  I feel pretty good about that!

One more thing to leave the sewing space last weekend was the 20-year-old TV.  It took both of us to haul the old behemoth up the stairs and finagle it into the back seat of the car because it wouldn't fit in the trunk.  We drove it immediately to Goodwill, where a stocky 20-something young man at the drop-off door came out to greet us.  After watching Norm labor to get it out of the car, he took it from him and then in one fluid maneuver rolled the whole set up onto one shoulder and walked into the building with it, saying, "Oh, it's not that heavy."  Norm and I walked in behind him, eyeballing each other and thinking the same thing: Show-off.


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous - love the pattern and the fabrics you chose!

  2. Busy girl :) I need another carpenter wheel now, just love how large it is

  3. Nice Carpenter's wheel, P! It will be a neat gift. How nice that you have such a long list of finishes!
    Oh, I say show off, too, some people's kids just weren't taught any better, lol!

  4. I like the carpenters wheel a lot ! Those texty fabrics are all the rage right now.

    You know that kid half broke his back lifting that TV by himself...he was just being a hero and teasing the old folks!

  5. I think the carpenter quilt is terrific and very festive..thinking she will love it!

  6. Oooo...I like it! That's quite a nice list of finishes.

    That's what young kids are for. It'll catch up to him someday:)

  7. Oh I love that quilt! And if your sister doesn't like it, you can send it to me!! LOL....

  8. I love that design and the fabrics are so pretty. I like the background. It just kind of works, like everything you do. Great job!

    xo -E

  9. Dibs if your sister doesn't like it! I call dibs!

    Interestingly enough the light background with the printed text does not detract at all. The main pattern still stands out beautifully. :). And it's a gorgeous pattern. I can see why your sister likes it.


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