Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It feels so good to have the futon out of the sewing room, thanks to the wonderful friend who took it off my hands.  It seems lighter and more spacious in there now.  After some cleaning and a bit of rearranging this weekend, the futon area has gone from this:

to this:

Things are still in a state of flux, though, as there will be some shelves going up for folded fabric on this wall.  I bought two of these units and they're awaiting assembly.  By the way, thank you for your links and suggestions on sewing space organization.  They were very helpful and inspiring.  I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

I also took six yards of fleece out of the room over the weekend by sewing it all into pajama pants, some for my daughter and some for myself.  Doesn't make for a very exciting photograph, but I am pretty excited to have new jammy pants that the seat hasn't worn through.  I pretty much live in these things when I'm at home (and, truth be told, I've been known to occasionally wear them to work in the evening too, when it's just me and the cleaning lady). 

The pattern is an oldie but a goodie.  Only one pattern piece for the pants!  Can't get any easier than that.  So why did it take me so long to get them sewn?  (Don't answer that.)

Many months ago, I won a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop from Tabatha at Bending Pins.  I finally used it last week to buy some Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.  It's so pretty!

I ordered more goodies from Fabric.com (which hasn't arrived yet), as well as Hancock's, some of which came today.  This is from the Spintastic fabric collection by Laura Berringer for Marcus Brothers.

Some of the new fabric will end up in a very cool project I'll be working on soon with Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts, which I'm very excited about!  More details on that later as it unfolds.

Meanwhile, I have more Christmas stuff to get done, so I'd better get cracking! 

Greta Von Riding Crop
It was snowing this morning as I went to vote.  The holidays will be here in a blink!

PS - For Downton Abbey fans, while we wait for the new season to begin in January, have any of you been watching Upstairs Downstairs on PBS's Masterpiece?  I got hooked in the middle of this second season, and this past week watched the first season on DVD from the library and got caught up.  It's very good!  Claire Foy plays Lady Persie, an entirely different kind of woman than her sweet Little Dorrit character.

PPS - Happy 25th Birthday, dear daughter!  Love you lots!


Karen said...

I am absolutely amazed! I adore your sewing space! wow!! Congratulations my dear! I have to watch the DVDs of Downtown Abbey to prepare for January.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Happy birthday to your dear daughter:)

Things are looking good at your house...way to go!

I love your new fabric, especially the top print in the bottom photo.

MomWaldsPlace said...

Your jammie pants are just in time for cold weather!

thea said...

those fabrics are beautiful and your room looks great. I love your sewing machine cover.

Vanessa said...

So charmed by your collections on display! Love this inspiring little before and after.

Shay said...

Your space looks a lot more roomy with the futon gone. I can see all sorts of creativity happening there.

You know I love any kind of pyjamas and those pants look so fluffy and comfy. I dont see anything wrong with wearing them in public. Nothing at all!

Happy Birthday M!

Cherie said...

What a great transformation and it's not fully completed. It's nice to have more room to put things you need around you.
A great idea for the pj's I wish I could wear mine to work sometimes!

Kay Lynne said...

I like the way you organized your new space. You reminded me that I need some new pj's :)

Elizabeth said...

Ha! Greta's back. I love how she pops up at random times!

Love your fabric picks! Beautiful as always. I'm trying to channel your awesome fabric coordination skills over here but not succeeding.

And finally, I LOVE how the basement make-over is coming along. It really does look much brighter there. Keep us updated. Loving it!

xo -E

Miri said...

Oh your sewing room is going to be terrfic...looks great already. Love the table topper.

I loved Upstairs/Downstairs...it really was even more engrossing that Downton Abby because it moves "through time" much slower.


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