Monday, November 19, 2012

Overcoming Resistance

I was talking with friends on Saturday, commiserating about finishing unpleasant or boring tasks.  We weren't talking about cleaning bathrooms, but stuff like finishing the hand quilting on a big, heavy quilt or the outlining stitches on a cross stitch project.  We agreed that setting a finite amount of time each day to work on it was one effective method.  I mentioned the "I can do anything for 15 minutes" tactic that I have used.  It has gotten me over the hump of straight-up resistance and into the realm of action.  Once I'm doing the dreaded task, I can either choose keep going beyond the 15 minutes or quit when the timer beeps (yes, a timer is essential), knowing that at least I got started and have achieved at least some small sense of accomplishment.

Enter the timer today, for the long-procrastinated-on task of listing ugly Christmas sweaters on eBay.  That's the title of each listing, too, "Ugly Christmas Sweater..."  Apparently, there are holiday parties where this is the dress code.  Have you been to one of these?  I haven't but it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!

So, over the past year, I picked up a few candidates for ugliest Christmas sweater on my thrifting adventures.  Norm says he will believe it when he sees any one of them sell, and with something like 30,000 plus current listings, there is certainly some stiff competition.  But I feel it's a good sign that I already have three people watching this one, which I don't even think is the best (or worst) one. 

Hang On Cats
My personal favorite is this one.  Holy snow globes, Batman!

Snow Globe City
And if this vest doesn't sell, I am seriously thinking of wearing it to our family Christmas party.  It is just awfully awesome!  And as an added bonus, it gives me a festive boxy shape!  :P

Let's Get Vest-ive!
Anyway, the timer...I set it for 30 minutes.  Then another 30, and another, and another.  Two hours it took me, gah!  But it's done now, so yay!

(We won't talk about all those leopard print and ruffly blouses I have yet to list.  One thing at a time.)


  1. How funny - I'm scheduled to go to one of these parties this year! But I think I already have a sweater in the closet that will fit the bill (although that cat sweater would definitely be in the running!)

  2. Oh - you should link the pictures in your post to your eBay listing....

  3. I've never heard of this. I Goodwilled all my teacher sweaters that would have been in the running:)

  4. I need a pic of you in that globe hideousness :)

  5. I do the 15 minutes thing too (with a timer!) It works wonders for me . You can get a lot done in 15 minutes which usually motivates me to keep going.

    Those sweaters are truly ugly. Especially that cat one. I feel sorry for the person who wore it for real!

  6. I'm good on the timer, too, I think it helps me to stay focused on the task.
    Now I have never attended the ugly sweater party, but I have loaned mine out, lol!

  7. Is it weird that I kind of like that snow globe sweater? Cardigans are infinitely better than regular sweaters. Regular sweaters just make you look lumpy (unless you're shaped like a super-model). I hope you make a nice little bit of change on the ugly sweaters..

    I also use a similar trick to get myself going on dreaded tasks. I think the first step is the hardest and once I get going, I'm OK. If I start to loose steam, then I find a suitable stopping spot and tell myself that I only have to go to that point. Then, like you, once I get there, I find another point to work towards. It is an awesome way to get through an odious task.

    Good luck on your sweaters!

    xo -E

  8. You mentioned these in an email. The snow globe sweater outdid even my vivid imagination. I think if I wanted to win the contest that's the one I'd choose!

    How fun.

    15 years ago or so, we did an ugly fabric swap. That was a good one. It gave me a giggle every time I'd insert a piece of the ugly fabric into some scrappy creation.


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