Monday, November 26, 2012

A Murder of Crows

I shot this video about a half hour ago, as a murder of crows harassed a hawk trying to enjoy its lunch on the tree branch in our backyard.  The hawk is sitting just off center, to the right of the squirrel's nest.  It was eating some kind of bird, as I could see a wing hanging below the branch.

The ruckus went on for 15 minutes after the hawk swooped away.  The crows were riled up!

Then I had to go listen to this song.


  1. That's some noise! I dont think Ive ever seen that many crows in one place at one time.

    I wonder if the hawk was eating one of the crows mates.

  2. I adore hawks - I absolutely do but it is hard to witness the food chain at times. I so love seeing little birds and crows chase hawks out of our area too. Their calls are so distinct and loud, any idea how many crows there were?

  3. I think the crows were making all that ruckus 'cause the hawk was eating one of their crow cronies!

    Don't think their ruckus bothered the Hawk one bit. He knows he's boss around those skies.

  4. Murder of crows may have a double meaning in this case. Persistent buggers, aren't they?

  5. I would love to have a hawk come chase some of my crows away

  6. Wow! Nobody got their afternoon siesta today, did they?

    So, I clicked the link to the song, opening it in a new tab. Then I clicked on your video and they both started playing at the same time. The song and the noise from the crows went together really well, you know, like it had been edited that way on purpose. I actually thought you'd added the music in "in editing" until I realized that I had another window open. It must be past my bedtime.


    xo -E


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