Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hitting the Thrifts

Thrift shopping wasn't on the radar when I woke up today*, but when a good friend emailed that St. Vinnie's was having a 50% off everything sale, plans were revised.

The place was packed, as you might imagine, but I was surprised that there were still many deals to be had when we got there at noon.  

Like these framed and matted prints, which will go in the kitchen.

I am trying to be judicious about the stuff I bring home.  Really, I am.  After all, organization of the basement sewing space is still a priority (and possibly a never ending task).  So I ask myself, will it end up in the basement?  If the answer is "probably," then I need to walk away.

Fabric excepted, of course.  Which is why I picked up a few more colorful shirts.  They were 75% off at thrift store number two, or about a buck apiece.

Cute, buttery leather purse was six dollars.  I've been wanting something with a wider opening that I can get my wallet/checkbook in and out of easier.  This will do, in a springy, robin egg blue!

About that ongoing organization project I mentioned, I started sorting scraps into bins by color this week.  I designated one bin "multi" because there are some scraps that just can't be pigeonholed, you know?

I still have mounds of yardage to fold and shelve, but it feels like I made some headway sorting the smaller pieces, and also putting a few other things away that I've allowed to pile up.

While sorting, I came across a kit for a wall hanging that I thrifted last year sometime. I might not make the wall hanging, but I will use the fabric.

One of the upcoming to-dos is to quilt the second UFO from the projects to be finished list.  This involves mopping the kitchen floor first, so I can baste it.  I can hardly wait.  ;)

*Thanks to my next-door neighbor who decided to fire up an air compressor right outside my bedroom window at still-dark-thirty, followed shortly thereafter by the neighbor across the street starting and idling his car, which lacks a muffler and pretty much the entire exhaust since it fell off in the middle of the road three weeks ago. 


  1. Love thrift finds like that, but, can NEVER seem to find shirts for under $3 around here! Great buys!

  2. Nice finds! As long as you're up, you might as well go thrifting, right? :)

  3. great purse! that beautiful shade of blue is perfect for spring {which had better hurry up and get here!} you found a good variety of colors for your shirts. around here, it seems I can only find blue or mostly blue shirts, and only predominantly yellow vintage sheets. maybe I need to do some monochromatic sewing ;) I don't have too many neighbors to be noisy, but there has been some logging in the woods near us, and they are often cutting after midnight, and are always at it when I wake up. I'm not sure they ever stop unless the weather gets really nasty.

  4. You are going to have so much fun when you want to assemble a quilt, and only have to grab the bins you want before you can start having fun. You are going to love it!

    I am going to share your neighbor story with Hubby. He is not thrilled with apartment living. It will remind him about some of the old neighbors we used to have.

    Now if only WE could be neighbors.

  5. Nice finds. I think I want to do a shirt quilt too.

  6. Fabulous shirts and a great price. I wouldn't have passed that up either.

    That bag would go perfectly with a top I have...I'd just have to dash out and buy matching shoes...

    Way to go on the colour sorting of fabric. I have mine sorted by colour too (and I also had a multi colour bin!)

  7. You got some great stuff. I love those prints. I'm also amazed at how neat your scraps are. I guess I won't be showing mine. lol

  8. Lucky you to find such nice stuff! And speaking of nice shirts, the shirt quilt top you sent is finding a very good home this week with a gentleman with advanced Alzheimers - his daughter cried when I gave it to her today, and said it would be just perfect for him! Pictures on Wednesday... Thanks again!

  9. You always find the best stuff! Love the prints and the colors in those shirts!

  10. I always love going thrift shopping--you never know what you will find. I am always organizing to :)

  11. I think that thrifting is really a talent. One that I don't have. But I always admire the things you thrift. The fabrics in that kit are fun!

    xo -E


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