Friday, February 22, 2013

Really Random

There has not been a whole lot of sewing this week, but I have spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room nonetheless, folding fabric and clearing clutter.  I am done now for a while.  Not as in there is nothing left to do, but just that I've had enough of that foolishness.

The good thing about folding all your fabric is that you get to see and handle each and every piece.  Then you start to think things like you should be using more of your stash, and why on earth did I buy all that Denyse Schmidt fabric in the same color? 

The only actual sewing I did was to make a block for Victoria's call for anvil blocks for a quilt to be made for a friend of hers who has cancer.  I whipped this up right away and drove it straight to the post office.

* * * * *
Okay, in my last thrifting post, I was talking smart about not buying anything if it's just going to live in the basement, 'member that?  Well, I got to thinking about a vintage metal tray I'd seen at St. Vinnie's but did not buy.  Did.Not.Buy.  And then I called my friend and fellow thrifter, Terry, to see if he could pick it up for me the next time he stopped there on his way home from work (because he swings by frequently).  Buddy that he is, he said sure.

Here she is taking a bubble bath in my sink right before...

...she went to live in the basement!  Specifically, it's hanging out on the wall, where I can look at it while I fold or cut fabric, and smile at my own weakness.

Doesn't it look kind of like a Liberty of London fabric?  The tray is chippy and scratched and tarnished, but I don't care.  It was under two dollars!
* * * * *
Norm called me from the grocery store on Saturday.

N:  Hey, whatever happened to that cantaloupe I bought last week?
P:  News to me.  I haven't seen a cantaloupe.

N:  I swear I bought one last week, but I don't remember seeing it after that.
P:  I have not seen any cantaloupe around here for months.

N:  Uh-oh.
P:  (Silence.)

N:  It must still be in the trunk of the car.

And so it was.  One good thing about winter in Wisconsin—your trunk doubles as a rolling refrigerator.

Remind me to tell you the fish story sometime.  Hint: A package of frozen fish forgotten on the floor of the back of the car in July will smell like a Sasquatch crawled in and died.  Also, your car interior will require professional cleaning with special chemicals after that.

Lastly, I've been listening to a lot of music this week.  I even caved in and bought an import of Rival Sons new album, which hasn't been released in the U.S. yet.

But this is cutie pie, Bruno Mars.  If this doesn't make you want to dance along, I don't know what will!   

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  1. Perfect extra fridge for sure! I am more likely to do the summer forget myself :)

  2. I'm always afraid I'll forget something in the car - knock on wood, I haven't yet. Um, you have a stuffed ringneck pheasant?! I loved the video, and Mom just popped in and watched it, too. You always share such good music!

  3. The cantaloupe looks safe to eat! phewww!

    I think the small bit of cash lost for that platter was TOTALLY worth it!! You find the neatest stuff at that Goodwill.

  4. I have a "thrifting" friend like that too. It sure helps out in a pinch. The tray looks great mounted on the wall. I don't think I ever want to smell Sasquatch then! LOL

  5. It's a great platter, and I don't blame you for giving it to the urge to buy it! And I've lost things like that in my car before - half and half does not hold up well in a hot car.......

  6. Have I ever mentioned how much I appreciate your music clips? You often show me goodies I like enough to put on my Youtube lists. Thanks!

    Your block ROCKS!

    I liiiiike your tray too.

  7. It's paisley! It can live wherever it wants! I have a weakness for paisley:)

    I'm surprised the melon didn't freeze!

  8. Great vintage find! I don't think I could make it through life without good music.

  9. Love your anvil block!

    After one too many no-drip sippy cups filled with apple juice or milk got left somewhere and found days (or weeks later), fermented and foaming, I instituted the "no food outside of the kitchen" rule. Fortunately, I've never left fish in a hot car in July, though. Glad your cantaloupe survived :D.

    Also, Love your platter. I think there is a difference between buying to have and buying to use and even though the platter "lives in the basement" it is art now.

    xo -E

  10. Had to giggle about the cantaloupe. :). And the vintage tray. But the way you were telling it made me think it would just be tucked under a pile of fabric in the basement. It looks quite decorative on the wall. A whole 'norther situation entirely.


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