Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is All

Happy Valentine's Day!

Found this while cleaning the sewing room today...
I think I'll finish it as a mini.
Roses from Norm.  He thought these yellow ones were the prettiest.  They sure are!
He brought this little primrose home from the grocery store a couple weeks ago too.  With all the white stuff still piled up outside, it reminds me that spring is around the corner.

Valentine's Day here is pretty simple—a card, flowers, and something yummy for dinner.  We had homemade lasagna and a nice salad.

Another fabric scrap find.
I'll also make chocolate-dipped strawberries before I head to work this evening in a little while.  Gotta have chocolate (at least I do)!

I hope you're all feeling loved today, and every day!


  1. Such a cute little heart! I love the fabric.

    Your roses are gorgeous. Mr. Bug always goes with red (if he does flowers at all). Today, he did and I was so pleased. It is nice to be remembered.

    We're eating in too -- heart-shaped homemade pizzas.

    I must have the chocolate dipped strawberry recipe b/c I know it will be dairy free :).

    xo -E

  2. Your heart is very sweet P.

    How lovely of Norm to buy you such beautiful flowers.

    I forgot to eat chocolate entirely!

  3. Yellow Roses! Pretty primrose, and of course you have the Perfect Pot.


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