Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorta Sunday Sundry

I met a fellow quilt blogger yesterday and had a wonderful time visiting!  Unfortunately, there were some unforeseen circumstances that occurred just before we met, which Sandi detailed over at Piecemeal Quilts.  But all's well that ends well, and it was great to finally meet Sandi, her mom, and her aunt.  We had good conversation, and she delivered a quilt she had quilted for me and did a beautiful job on (more on that soon, but here's a peek). 

Quilters really are some of the nicest people!

I have long maintained that if you (and by that I mean me) really want to get something done, invite people over.  It was just the impetus I needed to make the final push toward organizing my sewing room. 

A week ago, it looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

I made Norm come down and take a good look, because who knows when it will look the same again.  Although I will try to maintain the balance in favor of  order versus chaos.

Even Dolly got dressed for the occasion, and guard pheasant was in fine form.  I gave his feathers a light going over with the lint roller.

On to the business of sewing tomorrow.  I have a binding to put on the new quilt, a quilt to baste and quilt by the end of the month, and I decided to do the Tea Towel Challenge at 15 Minutes of Play

Because I happened to come across this awesome vintage tea towel on eBay last week.  It's sort of like Peter Max meets Prince Matchabelli. 

Like she's looking for her man on a white horse to gallop over the heather and swoop her up! 

There is great potential in this tea towel, and I think it'll be fun to see where this challenge takes me.

Speaking of things that look like they walked out of the 1970s, this is from Rival Sons' 2011 album.  Maybe Tea Towel Tess is looking at these gentlemen?  I think they took a cue from Tess's hairstyle, that's for sure.  I can't speak for the facial hair.


  1. You are so your sewing space, it is so chic :)

  2. How to fun to meet fellow quilters:)
    The quilting your friend did looks very nice!

    YEAY for being able to clean up your sewing room which leaves you open for more creativity!

  3. What a beautiful tea towel.

    I do want to see more of your quilt, not just a peek!

  4. How fun to meet a fellow blogger and quilter. Your quilt looks great, can't wait to see more of it. And your sewing room! Wow, it looks wonderful, and not just because it's organized. How, all that space to work. I'll have to check out the tea towel challenge, not that I need another project.

  5. Your sewing space looks awesome, and I love that tea towel! What a great find!!

  6. Yippee for organizing, smart woman to include a visit from your honey just for proof!
    I had read Sandi's post on her accident on her way to your house, poor girl! She did write light on it, but I'm sure it was a shake-up for them all. How nice that the visit continued on!

  7. Can you come over to my house and clean? My room is a big fat mess!

  8. Your sewing room is looking fabulous. I bet you feel twice as creative now!

  9. I'm glad your blog friend and company are all okay and you still got to have a good visit:)

    The sewing room looks great! Dolly's rocking the apron:)

  10. That super secret quilt looks amazing, curves and points? Are you kidding me?? I MUST know!

    Your sewing room cleans up very well, gorgeous!! "Guard pheasant", lol!

    I have to check out that tea towel challenge, curious!

  11. Nice job on your clean up / organizing!

  12. Dolly is adorable. Love those colors. And your sewing room looks amazing!

    Speaking of amazing, the peek of that quilt just makes me want to see more. Love the colors!

    xo -E

    P.S. Wish I lived close enough to drive for a visit.

  13. Your sewing room looks great! It reminds me that I need to do some cleaning to mine :) It's snowing here in Ohio today.

  14. Loved the "sneak peek!" Can't wait for the main attraction! :)

    And your sewing room..., FABULOUS!


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