Tuesday, May 14, 2013

8 Tracks

I am trying out this new dealio called 8tracks, which allows you to stream music and make playlists that you can share.  Sort of like Pandora, which I like a lot too, but this seems easier to figure out how to embed a playlist.

This is a mix of songs as they appeared on my mp3 player this morning during my walk.  The player was apparently in alphabetical playback mode, and I had just finished listening to a chapter from Thoreau's "Walden," when it launched into these, all having the words "walk" or "walking" in the song title.  I thought it was an appropriate, eclectic mix for the occasion.  There's even a short poem in there.  Use the buttons to skip through tracks, if you want.  Kinda fun!

Time to to go to work.  Back with more in the realm of sewing, etc. tomorrow. 


Shay said...

Pandora? Streaming? Playlist? It all sounds way too technical for my poor little brain to figure out !

Larri said...

Love Pandora, so I must give this a try. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday! :)

Elizabeth said...

I must investigate Foo Fighters further. Loving "Walk."

Fun share! I'll definitely listen more as I have a chance.

xo -E

Michelle said...

Your MP3 playEr looks a lot like my IPhone at first glance, but I bet they have an app for that!

Diane said...

I think I would weird out listing to all songs that all start with 'W'.

Karen said...

Total techno-guru you are! That is pretty cool, must investigate :)