Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Guess I better blow the dust off the blog and show you this flimsy I finished recently.

This is one of two 16-patch and X-block quilts I've worked on in the past couple months, often known as a "Goodnight Irene" pattern.  This one used a scrappy bundle of beautiful hand-dyed fabrics from Vicki Welsh.

It's about 65 inches square, a nice size for a lap quilt or throw.  I still need to come up with a backing for it.

The other day, I started to pull fabrics for a Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt, a Bonnie Hunter free pattern I've had my eye on making ever since forever, it seems.

You need lights and darks for this quilt.  My light stash is pretty sketchy.  I really dug to the bottom of the bins to come up with what I have here, and I'm on the fence about more than a few of them.  There are two vintage fabrics in the light stack, including a feed sack.  Quite the eclectic group—this ought to be interesting!

I made a sample from one of the light/dark combinations.  Truly used scraps here, just had enough to squeak out a 8.5-inch square from each piece.  

In a recent post at Quiltville, Bonnie talked about not pressing the seams until you had all the blocks made and laid out and ready to sew into rows.  That way you can align and butt the seams the direction they need to go.  Makes sense and I get it—but it's likely to drive me nuts.  (FYI, the sample block seams are pressed.)

There are a lot of things I have no problem procrastinating on, but pressing blocks isn't one of them!


  1. Those hand-dyed fabrics are rather gorgeous. This flimsy is lovely. Mmmm.....don't know about leaving all that pressing of seams until they're all done.....I would get a bit twitchy!

  2. I love both pieces. I need to make a girlhy quilt for the 6 Colorado boys mmom/stepmom and i really like that.

  3. Your Good Night Irene is gorgeous - you need a "stained glass" shot to show the glow of those pretty hand-dyes! And I really like your fabric choices for the Mountain Majesties! Your other alternative to leaving those blocks unpressed is to press the seams open. You'll have to pin to match the seams, but at least it won't drive you nuts!

  4. You've been busy Paulette!
    Goodnight Irene is a great pattern for showing off those beautiful hand dyed fabrics!
    Scrappy Mountain Majesties is a favorite and it going to wonderful seeing how yours turns out!

  5. Goodnight Irene top is so pretty - those fabrics have lovely subtle variations. I love the start on your scrappy mountains - it will be great to see how this one evolves.

  6. Wow, Good Night Irene is gorgeous in those fabrics.Thanks for sharing!

  7. The GNI came out beautifully. It really does have a stained glass kind of feel to it. And LOVE the fabrics you've picked for SMM...AND you've already done a sample/trial block! You're ahead of me. I was wondering about the no pressing deal. I, too, can see how the blocks will go together easier, but I hate to press a bunch of blocks after they're already sewn. Too much like work!

  8. I LOVE this square? in the last photo! Those colors are wonderful!

  9. Ohhh I love the scrappiness of your planned quilt! I also love that quilt Bonnie has made available. Cannot wait to see progress. I am not a fan of waiting to press seams either, that is the only kind of ironing I like :)

  10. OH, my goodness! Your Goodnight Irene turned out SO, SO beautifully! I love it! Wow!

    I try to plan ahead in how I press my seams so they'll butt up against each other in assembly. It doesn't always work out, but things come out so much nicer when you press as you go.

    xo -E


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