Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ~ 11-11-11 Edition

It's a good day for playing Favourites with Shay and friends at Quilting in My Pyjamas.  I've got more than one this week, and I'll get to the short list in a minute.

But first, did you know it's Nigel Tufnel Day? A day when Spinal Tap fans everywhere (including me) celebrate their own and others' maximum eleven-ness! 

Okay, so favorites this week.  I have been tuning in to the talk show appearances of the Twilight stars all week, in anticipation of the new movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1, which opens next week.  Hands down, my favorite one was Robert Pattinson's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard!

Gotta love those late night TV interviews.  This one definitely went where daytime TV did not.

I'm still on a music jag this week.  While I was basting my quilt, I tuned into the alternative music channel over cable TV and heard some good new-to-me music, like this version of Fixin' to Die by G. Love.  

I also watched a live concert DVD of Mutemath and was totally into it last evening.  What a great band.  Later, I popped in the CD while I was quilting on the kaleidoscope quilt.  The drummer is an animal, and I mean that in the best possible way (check this out).  They definitely bring the eleven-ness!

Finally, here is another new-to-me duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela.  Coincidentally, this song is called 11:11.


  1. I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela last year in concert - they are awesome!!

  2. You've gone over to the dark side P. You're officially a Twilight fan!

    I've never read the books and never seen one of the movies. I'll have to hook you up with my sister though - she's as into Twilight as you are !

  3. REALLY enjoyed Rodrigo y Gabriella! Great new favorite. :-)

    And what can I say about Robert Pattison. LOL!

  4. Jimmy Kimmel is my favorite of the late-night talk-show hosts. He is a lot nicer than the others. And that interview was hilarious.

    xo -E


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