Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Birthday Cake

It's Favourite Things Friday once again!  The post title should really be "Birthdays AND Cake," especially when the birthday is my daughter's.

We celebrated this evening, which is a couple days early, but that is what worked out for us getting together.  I asked M. what she wanted for her birthday and she said, "CAKE!"

"How about mint bars?" I asked. 

"MMMMMMMMMMM," was the reply.  I took that to be a yes. 

I haven't baked in so long, people.  Something cake-ish, I mean.  I think it's been almost six months of no refined sugar for me, blah-blah-blah, I know that's boring and who cares.  Long story short:  I was going to get my sugar buzz on!

I made a family favorite, which is technically a bar, not a cake, but close enough.  Here is the original recipe:

However, since M. and I are dairy-free, and I am also gluten-free, I modified it somewhat.

I used a Pamela's gluten-free chocolate cake mix as the base, and as the second layer, a can of Pillsbury vanilla frosting with 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract and 2 drops of green food coloring stirred in.

The third layer is dairy-free chocolate chips and 1/2 cup of a dairy-free butter substitute melted together.

Folks, these bars are the crack.  Highly, deliciously addictive.  I sent much of the remaining pan home with others after I ate my share, because they leadeth me into temptation, and I am back on the wagon tomorrow.  

By the way, Dad asked M.'s boyfriend what the hand signs meant, and he said, "I have no idea," because he's cool that way.  I think it stands for the minimum number of bars you will be compelled to eat in one sitting.

Instead of putting the entire box of 24 candles on the cake, I asked M.'s boyfriend what that was in binary (because he's cool that way too).  So the white candles represent zeroes and the pink candles ones.

I sure love my kiddo and spending time with her.  She is smart and funny and talented, and I wish her all the best every single day of every year! 


  1. The cake looks great! Great FTF!

  2. Looks yummy! Tell M. happy birthday for me!!

  3. Looks like lots of family fun going on at your place this week. The cake looks great. Very smart to send it all alway so you can stay on the straight and narrow.

  4. I love this! Coincidentally, I have made those mint brownies - same exact recipe! they are so, so good. And, I bet your version was just as tasty!

    Looks like everyone had a great time!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    Congratulations on staying away from sugar for so long! I wish our Halloween candy would totally disappear!

  5. Happy Birthday M. Hope your day is wonderful.

    That slice looks so yummy, it took all my willpower not to run into the kitchen and make one!

    Dod you walk round acting silly after all that sugar ?

  6. I want that cake! Aren't daughters the best?

  7. Had to laugh at the 'crack' comment. I made a cracker/toffee/chocolate chip thing to take to work and told people there about our two possible names for it: Crack in a Bag or Trailer Park Toffee. Later I called the new guy for something and he said, "Your crack is delicious." Whoops!

  8. it looks delicious! bet you guys had a fun day.

  9. Looks like an awesome time was had by all!

  10. Oh, my heck. I can't believe I'm this behind in reading your blog. I'm a schmoe. I climbed under a rock last week and didn't come out.

    Your desert bars look so delicious. I loved the commentary on the event. This post was a really fun read!

    Happy (Belated) Birthday to your cutie pie daughter.

    xo -E


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