Friday, November 18, 2011

He Won the Toss

It seems like forever since I've posted, but there hasn't been much of anything sewing related to talk about.  I started the week with some kind of horrendous flu bug, which thankfully passed in a day or two.  Then when work wasn't being busy, I was sidetracking myself on other bunny trails, with a bit of dithering and procrastinating in between.

Thank you all for chiming in on the binding for the kaleidoscope quilt.  I appreciate your taking the time to visualize and comment.  Fairly early in the week, I had pretty much decided to cut the yellow binding and intended to go and do that as soon as I pressed "Send" on an email and got up from the computer.  But the getting up part didn't happen (see "sidetracked," above).

Someone needs to invent the computer chair ejector seat, and a portable model for laptop or iPad users (the iEjector?).  Preferably with a 3-2-1 countdown sequence, warning vibrations, and rocket exploding noises.
(Or maybe someone already has, but that model comes delivered in a plain brown wrapper...but this is a family friendly site so we won't go any further with that!)

Another day dawned, and I made an impromptu run to JoAnn's to explore other possible binding options, and came home with three (!).  I really favored one, but when I asked my husband his opinion later that evening, he favored a different one of the three.

So there they sat the rest of the week, the hunks of fabric on the floor on top of my quilt, while I sat working and dithering and dithering and working and procrastinating.
Tonight I announced, "We have to make a very important decision," as I pulled a quarter out of my purse.  I tossed, Norm called.  He won.
"Aw, two out of three?" since I am a good loser like that.  

"Sure."  He won again on the second toss.

"You'll love it.  I can see it in my mind already, and it's going to look great," he reassured.  He's probably right.

I've got a busy weekend ahead, what with Twilight: Breaking Dawn to be seen in the theater, pretty people to be drooled over, special contacts to be worn, lines to be stood in, medium-rare steak to be eaten afterward, a binding to be sewn, and more work-work to be done.  Sunday Sundry will be MIA this weekend, but look for the bound and completed kaleidoscope quilt reveal early next week.
There are also plans in the works for the next project.  

I'll be using these two groups of FQs from separate giveaway winnings, but I think they'll work well together in this quilt.  That's Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda on the right and a variety on the left, including a Sharon Holland design and Amy Butler, I believe.

There is a whole story about how I finally decided upon the two main frame colors (Ash and Mink from Connecting Threads, shown underneath the stacks), and guess what?  It involves a generous amount of dithering and procrastination, along with plenty of sidetracking.  I'll show you the stack of rejects another time, but today let's focus on the positive.

Have a great weekend!  Ciao for now!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the quilt with binding attached!

  2. That binding will be perfect! Your chain link quilt will be marvelous me some Kate Spain!

  3. Gorgeous fabric for that new quilt! And the hubs actually took me to see Breaking Dawn yesterday! Gagged his way thru most of it too..... ha ha! Bella's wedding dress is to die for!

  4. Ah sidetracking has made its presence here too:)

    Interested to see the binding on your quilt next week!

  5. That binding is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see those fabrics in your quilt pattern. Love that one!

  6. Finally a post about a talent we share. Dithering and procrastinating is my speciality!

    I think it's probably good that Norm won the toss. Im really liking that orange for the binding.

  7. Now, now, it's not dithering and procrastinating; it's "letting your impressions gel." ;-)

    Computer ejection seat. I love it. Yeah, since I got my netbook, (wireless to be carried anywhere around the house), my computer addiction has become worse.

  8. Oh I love the binding color and your quilt is Beautiful, also I LOVED, LOVED, Water for Elephants too, read the book then last weekend watched the movie - Beautiful story! Hugs, Mary :)

  9. Sounds like there might be enough interest for a D and P society. It will probably take a while to elect officers though...

    The binding will be perfection!

  10. I think the binding will work out great. The fabric for your new project looks great! I'll be looking forward to seeing posts on your progress.


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