Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 47

The sundry items are jingling around like a pocketful of change today, so let's reach in and see what we come up with.
I found these glasses at Goodwill on Saturday.  Actually, at two Goodwill stores, 30 miles apart.  The three cocktail glasses have seen some wear, but I couldn't just abandon them on the shelf in favor of their spiffier siblings.  It seemed more appropriate to keep the family together.

Besides, I kind of like the patina on them.  It shows they were enjoyed in a former lifetime.  Can't you just imagine the red lipstick stains and matching manicured hands that held those highballs?  Or the crisp white shirts and skinny black ties, and pencil skirts and pumps viewed through the condensation on the cold glass?  Is that Dean Martin on the hi-fi?

All I really know is when the new season of Mad Men finally premiers, you can bet I'll be raising one of these.

I also found this piece of old ironstone.  Talk about patina, this plate has seen the entire last century and then some.
The mark apparently dates it to before 1900, when the "Ld" (for Limited) was added, so sometime between 1869 and 1900. 

Other Things I've Taken a Shine To
We watched Water for Elephants last night, and what a great movie.  Robert Pattinson did a wonderful job, and it was good to see him in this role (definitely smiling way more than a brooding vampire, for one thing).  

And...okay.  The man is just so fine.  There, I said it.  I was going to be all mature and respectable, but I can't help it, I could just stare at that face all day.  Beauty is beauty, and who am I to deny that I appreciate it?

All things ga-ga aside, I think all the actors, including especially Christopher Waltz, Reese Witherspoon, and Hal Holbrook, did an outstanding job in Water for Elephants.  I was really into the entire story from the get-go, not just drooling over the remote.

But speaking of vamps, to say that I am excited to see Breaking Dawn in a couple weeks would be an understatement.  And I will be wearing these, because I am a big dork who actually called my eye doctor, who had to look at that same link to approve my order.  

And I could hear the smirks in their voices on the phone, those white-coated professionals, because, well, just when you think you know your polite and unassuming middle-aged patient, she calls up and asks for vampire contacts, and that right there is likely to make your whole day.

Just wait till they see what Norm wants to get.

Sew...what now?
I finished the backing for the kaleidoscope quilt.  And now I am having a dilemma.  The quilt is too big to baste as I normally would on my kitchen floor, the only hard floor in the house, and it's bigger than any quilt I've quilted on my machine so far.  And why did I not see this coming?  

So there's that to mull over. 
Meanwhile, the weather is getting colder and I'd like to start wearing my cords and other heavier jeans, but they're all too big now, so I need to do some alterations, several pairs worth (*groan*).  But that job is one that has to be moved to the front burner ASAP, like today. 

After that, plans are in the works for quilting the black and white quilt, and I've got another couple quilts in the hopper to cut out.  Details to follow.

New Music
Mutemath has a new album out called Odd Souls, and this is one of the songs that I've been listening to all week.  I would love to see these guys live.  Come to Madison, Mutemath! 

And, just because, this is a cool acoustic version of an older song. 

Go on...break the spell of the Typical!


  1. Have you considered basting your quilt on a wall? It's a little odd, but if you have an open wall space you can tape the backing to the wall for basting. The only thing is you need to be careful about scratching the wall with pins. You could also ask around for a longarm quilter - some will baste quilts and give it back to you to quilt. It's a lot cheaper than paying to have it quilted.

  2. I'm going to be honest..I don't get the Twilight stuff. I watched one movie and couldn't get interested. But I do love your Bella eyes! Does Norm really want those or did you plant that idea?
    I'd be groaning over alterations, too. Not my favorite thing.

  3. I love that piece of ironstone. I couldn't have left it behind if I saw it either. Imagine how many family meals that has held!

    Cant wait to see you in your vampire contacts.

    Send that Kaleidoscope quilt out to be done. Take it from someone who has just struggled through the experience!

  4. I haven't seen Water for Elephants but I read the book and remember enjoying it. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I loved the Twilight books, not the movies quite as much; however, I'm looking forward to the next two movies .. and I love your contacts. I don't have the nerve to get them. But that's a real hoot!

    If you have to make alterations, at least you're needing to make things smaller. :)

    As for the quilt, I took my queen-sized one to my friend's church and spread it out over three tables to baste. She helped and probably did more of the basting than me.

  5. Oh I want to see Water For Elephants---and I will be going gaga over that man as well!

    Ah yes cooler weather and cords are a must-----brrr!

    Cool eyes btw;)

  6. Water for Elephants is a wonderful movie - and it was a great book, too! I love the Twilight books, but the first movie was so bad (full of teen angst and long adoring looks into each other's eyes at extreme close-up) that I can't get my husband to go to any of the others! So I'll either have to go to the movie by myself, or wait until it comes out on video.....

  7. Ah vampire contacts! What a fun bit of whimsy. :-)

  8. Water for Elephants doesn't become available on Netflix until 11/29. I almost bought it in Wal-Mart the other day. It was on sale for $14.99. I have a huge DVD collection and used to buy almost everything new (and on sale), but haven't bought much in the last two years. That year of unemployment kind of made me re-think my purchasing priorities. I mean, we have over 300 DVD's in our collection and we (the Little Bugs and I) couldn't find anything we wanted to watch tonight. Still, I'm regretting it now because I agree with you completely. RP is extremely good looking. Sigh.

    Love the back of your Kaleido quilt.

    And I laughed at Norm's choice of contact lenses. I kinda want a pair of those now too.

    xo -E


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