Monday, November 7, 2011

Making it Work

I moved things in the kitchen as much out of the way as possible so I could baste the quilt on the floor today. 

When I was a kid, my dad would shampoo the living room carpeting every once in awhile, and somehow all our furniture managed to get squeezed into the tiny dining room for a day or two while things dried.  One year the Olympics were on TV during that time, and I remember watching them perched on top of something that was perched on top of something else.  This reminded me of that, but nowhere near as tight a squeeze.

This made just enough room for the quilt.  I am standing in the doorway to take this picture.  It's a small kitchen.  The quilt is a full size, not even a queen.

But mission accomplished with the basting.  Yay!

Norm brought the mail in from the box at noon.  "Your contacts are here.  Try them on!"

He was more excited than I was, but when I put them in, he was less impressed.  I think he was hoping they'd be creepier.  Me too, actually.  Maybe I should have gotten the red ones.
Anyway, they're fairly comfortable and I can see well, so that's good.

This is my normal eye color, dark blue.  Or somewhat hungry "vegetarian" vamp?  Nah, not dark enough.

And here is with the contacts.  "I have been hunting."  Pretty subtle.  They do make my irises look larger though.
It's not easy taking photos of your own eyes.  The mirror shots = Fail.  I am starting to get silly here.

Finally I turned the camera around to where I could see the viewfinder in the mirror.  Duh.  That worked.


  1. LOL - I have tried to take photos of myself with no luck :) love the quilt - do you spray baste or thread baste. Are you hand quilting or machine quilting - it will look great either being as pretty as it is to start with!

  2. The quilt looks awesome, and I think your eyes are VERY cool!!

  3. Hooray on the basting! and the contacts really are awesome. Are they as yellow as they are in the Twilight movies?

  4. Isn't it fun to baste a quilt on the floor? I think of it as my yoga/basting time. :)

    Love the contacts and the glasses. You'll be a very chic 1960 vampire!

  5. You quilt is coming along beautifully! Good luck with the quilting and your contacts rock.

  6. Very vampire like ...especially the one where you're crossing your eyes you peanut!

    Glad you tamed that quilt .

  7. You are truly one of a kind :) That quilt looks wonderful - maybe as awesome as the contacts..hehe

  8. Lovely eyes! Even the crossed ones:)

    Congratulations on the basted quilt. Looks great!

  9. Maybe subtle is a good thing! You don't want to scare anyone off ya know-lol;)

    Great job getting that quilt basted too!

  10. Love your quilt...great job beautiful eyes! Hugs, Loretta

  11. that quilt is a cracker - just gorgeous - and love that last self-portrait!!

  12. That quilt is just wonderful! So happy and cheerful.

    Interesting about the contacts. I'm behind on blog reading, so I guess I need to catch up and find out the backstory. :-)

  13. LOVE all the rings in the Kaleido quilt! Beautiful! I love how colorful and cheerful it is. And that I tiny piece of fabric I sent you ended up in it!

    Also, the gold contacts make my blue eyes kind of muddy, but I think I'm going to wear them anyway on Thursday for the movie.

    Have I told you lately that I think you're adorable? I love reading your adventures.

    xo -E


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