Monday, February 20, 2012

The Frustration of Creation

I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday and the morning today crawling around on the floor, trying to get the look I wanted for kaleidoscope quilt v.2.0.  Then I'd ask my husband's opinion, and he had some.  But by the end of it, his opinion was that he just didn't care anymore. 

It was exasperating and it gave me a headache.  But I think I finally have a plan, and if I change my mind again, I deserve to be hit over said aching head.

This is a quilt I started last summer, shortly after my first kaleidoscope quilt was done.  That one turned out beautifully, but it wasn't quite what I had envisioned, so I started a second one.  This one might not be exactly it either, but it seems closer.

See, it all started as my husband and I were driving one day when the '70s classic T. Rex song, "Bang a Gong" came on the radio.  There are some strange lyrics in that song.  I wondered what the "teeth of the Hydra" or a "cloak full of eagles" had to do with anything, but more importantly, what a "hubcap diamond star halo" would look like.  My imagination went into overdrive.

"I want to make a quilt and call it Hubcap Diamond Star Halo," I told Norm while the song played on.  Talk about working backwards.  The name came first.

I knew it would have to have elements of '70s psycha-funka-delic style, and I probably just made that word up.  I was envisioning those bold, bright colors like Peter Max and H.R. Pufnstuf cartoons, and glam rocker and T. Rex front man himself, the late Marc Bolan.

Soon enough, I found the fabric for it (different than what I'd used in the first kaleidoscope quilt).  I cut out last August but just got back around to playing with the layout the other day.  This is going to be a wall hanging size quilt, I've determined.  A medallion type thing will get the point across just as well and for a lot less investment in Extra-Strength Tylenol.

Speaking of first ever video documenting the process.  Oy, what a time suck that was, but I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered.  I am grateful to my brother Russ for helping me out at the end when Picasa decided to muck up the audio.  You're my hero, bro.

View it in full screen so you can read the text panes between (in the future, I'll use a more legible font).  Here we go.  Bang a Gong!


  1. You are sooo funny. I liked all the layouts but the green/gold does seem to work best!

  2. Awesome! Sorry about the time suck, but it's great! The flowers are funky:)

  3. That hubby seems like a huge help!! More videos!!

  4. You've got it! The gold just made it pop and all come together. Loved your video. Great job! Of course, I so enjoy all your videos that you include in your blogs, but this one you created yourself is really special.

  5. Squee! On so many levels. First, I love how it came out — Hubcap Diamond Star Halo indeed. Second, awesome video! Picasa did that? And finally, love those fabrics. They are perfect! I hope the frustration was worth it in the end for you b/c that quilt rocks in a totally psycha-funka-delic way!

    xo -E

  6. I loved the video. I never knew what they were singing!!! I really like the final version of the quilt on your video.

  7. I think you got it :) Love the video!

  8. i watched "bang the gong" clip on youtube.....and laughed at the first comment....

    perfect music for your video clip..

    couldn't help smiling!!!!

  9. I can't wait to watch the video ~ need to that on my desktop. :-) But it's such an unusual and awesome design, I can see why you might have driven yourself crazy.

  10. Love, Love Loved it!!! Wow, it looked so cool how you could see the transformation. I love the kaleidoscope block, and I love how you made up your mind on yours.


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