Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Sundry 2-5-12

I finally got down to the sewing room yesterday afternoon.  It had been a long week of not-sewing, aka work, and I so needed some play time.  My intention was to start by straightening things up, as it was a royal mess in that space, but really, where is the fun in that?  

So I played with some of the scraps that were lying about...and there were a lot of them...and pretty soon I had a couple things put together.  Now, these (above) aren't necessarily colors I'd choose to work with for a bigger project, but they used up some oddball scraps, and they will become practice pads for free-motion quilting.

Then I made a different little block.  I took it upstairs to show Norm.

P:  I made you a Valentine.

N:  That's nice.

P:  Can you see the heart?

N:  (studying it)  Uh...not really.

P:  What?!  (outlining the shape)

N:  Uh...if you say so.  I'm sorry, all I see is a "V."

P:  (frustrated)  Ugh.  Fine.  Then it's a "V" FOR VALENTINE!

We're so romantic, aren't we?  Anyway, I think it looks like a heart.  So I made another one.

And I'm loving that raspberry color of that heart/V on the left.  The whole time I was working on it, I was thinking of this:

She wore a raspberry beret
The kind you find in a second-hand store...

One day, I will find a raspberry beret in a second-hand store.  Mark my words.
Speaking of which, we are off on a thrift store adventure, so this will be short and not all that sundry today.  Enjoy the big game, if the Superbowl is your thing, or however else you choose to spend the day.

And remember, Groove is in the Heart!  I can't tell you how much I heart this song (which starts properly about 30 seconds in).  Just wish I could have found a clearer video, but you have to see the funky dancing (and Bootsy Collins, baby!) and whacked out colors and patterns, which I love.  Hard to believe it's over 20 years old already!


  1. What's wrong with him? I see the heart!! :-) I admire anyone who can turn bits of scrap into art. I can crochet but quilting is my mother's art. Have a great week.

  2. Had to listen to Raspberry Beret while commenting. I love the heart blocks they are wonderful. They are defiantly hearts and I love the colors you picked.

  3. Some days I have to jump over things to get to the sewing machine. I’ve just accepted thats the price I pay for creativity. Eventually it drives me completely nuts and I do a tidy up...but it’s usually a pigsty again within a day or so.

    I can see the heart. Is Norm blond? And at least you both acknowledge Valentine’s day . We usually dont at our house – so romantic of us huh?

  4. Ok before all the blond people get cranky at me ..that was a typo ...I meant to say is Norm blind?

    Stupid fat fingers !

  5. I see the heart! and is Norm Blonde? Congrats on winning the S is for Scraps book too!

  6. I love your scrappy blocks, and those heart blocks (yes, they are hearts, Norm!) are just wonderful!!

  7. Your little scrappy hearts are just delightful! And yes, I found myself drawn to the raspberry version as well.

    Ah Prince... that brings back memories. :-)

    And "The Groove is in Your Heart", makes me want to shake my booty.

  8. If anyone can find a raspberry beret in a second hand store, it's you:)

    I love those first blocks...they're very springy. The hearts are awesome, too!

  9. My own personal "Norm" would have been yanking my chain, and would know very well he was seeing a heart.

    But sometimes a guy's gotta Vex his Valentine ...

  10. Um, I read this post on Sunday and swore I had commented. I've had that stupid raspberry beret earworm all week long (lol) and I'm listening to it again now. Can you believe it?

    So not listening to Groove is in the Heart. I never liked that song. Maybe if I did, I would have your amazing talent with fabrics. I love your little hearts. And the exchange between you and Norm (lol!). I can't decide which one I like better. They are both so cute!

    xo -E


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