Monday, September 23, 2013

Bunny Trail on a Drunkard's Path

I had made up my mind, or so I thought, not to start a new project until I quilted at least one of several flimsies.  Well, that plan lasted all of about a day.  For some reason, I found myself rummaging through the vintage fabric drawer and pulling out a piece of clothing from the far back corner.

This jacket belonged to my late mother.  Before that, it belonged to me.  I think it came from JCPenney in the late 1980s or early 1990s.  I wore it to work for a little while but when I got tired of it, Mom adopted it and wore it a few more years.  We didn't often share clothing, and I think the jacket probably ran big on her (back then, over-sized was in fashion), but we both liked its funky pattern, which seemed to go well with a number of things in the closet. 

Are you having flashbacks of Full House?  The Cosby ShowRoseanne?  Yeah, I know.

It's one of the only articles of clothing I saved after she passed away.  Thought I might incorporate into a quilt someday.  It's a linen blend.  The label says dry clean only, but I've washed it in the washer and dried in the dryer just fine.

I cut it apart on Saturday afternoon and started mulling what I might do with it.  Soon I was pulling stuff from the stash.  Being a large scale print, I worried about cutting it up too small and losing the effect.  I also couldn't decide between options for coordinating fabrics.  In the end, I used them all. 

There are four of us kids in the family.  I like to think of each fabric representing one of her children.  Not sure which is which, although I will say I'm partial to the peacock print.

I cut the binding this evening from a leopard print fat quarter.  It makes me smile.
This particular layout of drunkard's path blocks is called Whirling Arches.  It will be a wall hanging.  It might seem kind of strange looking to others (I've sort of lost my perspective on it at this point), but I think it will be something I enjoy looking at from time to time, for the memory.

There's quite a bit of jacket fabric left, which is going back in the drawer for now, until the next whim comes along.

I heard this song on the radio yesterday, by Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott.  Both of them do some nice harmonies, and there is mandolin on the studio version, which I downloaded from Amazon.  The only version I could find on YouTube is Darrell playing and singing it solo at a recent gig, but he does a masterful job.


  1. Most definitely fashion memories of tv shows are floodig back. What a clever use of your jacket....and the combination of the other fabrics make for a happy and eclectic wall hanging. Everytime you walk past your wall hanging it will bring a smile to your heart bringing to mind all those wonderful memories!!

  2. You are truly the peacock :). Fantastic use of the jacket fabric and thanks for making me remember shoulder pads ..hehe!

  3. You are one crazy gal! I would wear that, the jacket not the quilt. Song is perfect for this morning, thanks!

  4. Like a bad acid trip, that jacket brought back every sad fashion memory I have of the 80's. And yet we thought we looked so cool.

    It looks much better incorporated into quilt blocks and is a wonderful way to preserve memories!

  5. Amazing! It is so interesting to see what inspires you!

  6. What a lovely memory! I love how you made old look fresh and new in your wall hanging! I hope it finds it's deserved special place in your home.

  7. It's interesting, wild, and I think I like it! I know I like the arrangement - I'll have to keep that one in mind!!

  8. I love how you captured a memory in your quilt. It will always bring back memories when you see it.
    new follower from Blackberry Winter Crafts.

  9. Your Mum's jacket looks fabulous in the drunkards path block. Love it.

  10. I love the way you create something new out of something old. You have a real talent for re-purposing. I like your fabric combinations, the bit of symbolism sewn in and agree with you that the peacock feather print is really cool. Fun project!

    xo -E

    P.S. Thanks for the music spot. You have good taste in music, too.


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