Friday, November 22, 2013

Hemispheres Flimsy and Cookin' Leftovers

These shorter, colder days are not very conducive to quilt photography, at least indoors with my little point and shoot dealie (that's official camera speak, don't ya know) anytime past mid-afternoon.  

Nevertheless, here is my Hemispheres Quilt-Along flimsy.  

My walls are not yellowish green (they're off-white), but the colors of the quilt are fairly accurate.  Now, it's not exactly like I laid it out, two posts back.  I did sew it together that way initially, but when I showed Norm, he did not like the pink floral bits at all.  I had to admit I agreed with him.

His exact words were, "You didn't ask me about putting that pink in there."  I had to laugh.  I do ask for his opinion a lot, but he was right; this time I hadn't even thought to.  It's not like I feel I need his approval, but what he was saying, in effect, was that he felt the pink part was a mistake he could have helped me avoid.  Funny guy.

So after a little unsewing, it is now the way you see it above.  I actually have a plan for how I intend to quilt it, if you can believe it.  And I think I can do (most of) it with a walking foot, even though the quilting will follow the curves in the blocks, and then some.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, those pink print bits have not gone to waste.  I rejiggered them a little and made some monkey wrench/churn dash (same thing, right?) blocks.  This will probably end up to be a little baby quilt, either for donation or to hang onto for a future occasion.

Linking to Whoop-Whoop Friday at Sarah's.  But before I go, I want to wish my brother Darrell a happy birthday.  We just had a phone conversation about, among other things, the music we're listening to, and he steered me to this band.  Sister P. likes!


  1. Hemispheres looks amazing and I am looking forward to seeing how you quilt it with a walking foot:)

  2. The Hemispheres quilt is fantastic! Love the black, turquoise and white color combo.

    As for the music video - what great harmony! So rare that any groups do that. Also fantastic! :)

  3. Oh, and what a happy pink quilt! (Listened to the so g and forgot to mention it!

  4. I love love love that Hemispheres quilt!!! It is awesome, and I have to agree with your DH, much better in just three colors. So modern!

    Whoop whoop whoop!!

  5. I really like your flimsy. Very striking. How funny that your husband had an opinion about the fabric. You'll have to run everything by him now.

  6. Your Hemispheres quilt is very striking!! It certainly makes a stunning statement!! Love the flimsy too.....obviously meant to be!! Thank you for educating me on camera speak!!

  7. Oh, I really love those monkey wrenches with the churn dash blocks! Such pretty bright colors! That will make a great baby quilt.

    And I really like your remodeled Hemisphere's quilt. I think taking the pink out was the right call, even though I liked the pink in it. This is better :) .

    It would appear that your brother has really good taste in music too. Happy (belated) birthday to Darrell and thanks for the musical education! It was awesome.

    xo -E

  8. Happy B' Day to your bro.

    Hemispheres is absolutely stunning. A real eye catcher!

    And those churn dash/monkey wrench blocks are just lovely. They're going to make a pretty baby quilt.

  9. A quilter turns a mistake into another quilt. You turn it into another AWESOME quilt.

  10. I adore your hemispheres! Cannot wait to see it quilted :)

  11. Well, I did like the pink! LOL This version is equally nice! And, I am glad to see you were able to salvage the pink in another cool project!

  12. Lots of people do use those two names interchangeably for that block but this and this are the more commonly known monkey wrench blocks. Whatever you call it, it's a great quilt now!

    I like your hemispheres top, so now I'm going to have to go back and see what it was with the pink on. =)


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