Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been working on the Hemispheres Quilt Along project(s) this past week.  There are two in the works.  One I have put aside until I know for certain how it's going to go together.  I think I have a pretty good idea but I'm waiting a bit longer before I actually commit the final assemblage to needle and thread.  That is the one which uses some of the pink, dye discharged fabrics from the last post.

The other Hemispheres project is this one, which is finally in the sewing it all together stage.  Here it is laid out on the cutting table.

[Aside:  I can't think Hemispheres without thinking of Rush's 1978 album by that name.  And here is where I admit that I have just spent the last 10 minutes watching a 2011 live version of the instrumental "La Villa Strangiato" on YouTube.  Want to be distracted by the shininess that is Neil Peart's drum set?  Go ahead, indulge your inner prog-rocker and check it out.  The real action begins at about 1:00 in.  No one will mind if you air drum along.]

It was a bit of a challenge to get those half circles to butt up against each other.  I switched to a zipper foot and that helped, but it's still not the close shave I might have hoped for.  Ah, well.

Need a reason to smile today?  These babies will fix that.  If not, look out; they might snap you with a rubber band.  Oh, to be so easily and joyfully entertained!


  1. LadyBug & I giggled right along with those babies. Not the safest game for a baby, but too cute not to enjoy!

    Love your hemispheres quilt so far!

    xo -E

  2. What an intriguing pattern! I do have a particular liking for curves.

  3. Hemispheres is coming along beautifully ....I really love the look of all those curves and your colours are striking.

    Watching you make lots of different things is making me feel like a complete slacker ...

  4. Those drums are exactly the thing I need this morning! The above shot of them would make a "rockin" quilt, or jewelry. Yeaaa, jewelry.

    At the library where I work we use A LOT of rubber bands. Heh, heh, heh...

  5. WOW! Your Hemispheres project is overwhelmingly graphic! I jumped back from the computer to admire it's beauty! Can't wait to see how the other one turns out! Just put a sewing machine in front of me, and I am easily entertained!

  6. This quilt is so striking!
    On the topic of Rush, hubby went to see them this past spring and he said they still got it!

  7. Okay, I remember seeing it now, and I actually do like it with the pink in it, and I don't even like pink. =) Maybe what I like is the cut up worlds being different. I see further down that you're working on another version, too.


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