Monday, November 25, 2013

Little Monkeys

"Five little monkeys jumping on the bed..."  

If monkey wrench blocks count, we've got five of those little guys on this quilt, along with some pinwheel drunkard's path blocks.  Hey, there's a quilt name in there somewhere:

Drunkard Monkeys? Drunken Monkeys?

Well, okay.  Maybe not appropriate for a baby quilt, but it makes me giggle, though this quilt was made in a teetotaling state.

Pretty sweet for something that started from leftovers, if I do say.  Norm likes it too.  He has nothing against pink in the right setting, apparently.

Speaking of pink, I picked up a vintage pink blossom milk glass square casserole at Goodwill a couple weekends ago (that may be a personal record for adjective-to-noun ratio in a word geeks are counting them now, aren't you?  I gave up trying to figure out where or whether to put commas). 

I was going to give it to my sister, but forgot she only collects the fruit motif.  These pieces are often known as Gay Fad, which was the name of the studio founded in 1945 by Fran Taylor that hand decorated blanks by various glass makers such as Anchor Hocking, Hazel Atlas, and others.  I believe this one is Fire King.  Sometimes this design is known as peach blossom or dogwood.

It has been really cold lately with highs in the teens, and I was in a warm coat, scarf, gloves, and hat when I took the quilt pictures yesterday.  Today the ground is covered in a layer of white.  And so it begins.


  1. There’s a formula for adjective to nouns in a sentence? Who knew? Im going to have to watch my own run on sentences now- damn you woman!

    I think your quilt is bright and fun, and some very modern baby is going to be thrilled. I wish I had half your mojo!

  2. LOL love the Drunk monkeys quilt P!

    Stay warm:)

  3. Brrr! Sounds cold! Cold here, too, but no chance of snow until maybe Wed., and it isn't supposed to last, going into the 40s for Thanksgiving, and sunny. Of course, predicted 47 for 4 pm today. It's 4 pm and it's 37, so I don't know if I should trust their forecast! =) Love the drunk monkeys quilt itself, but yes, I wouldn't call it that for a baby quilt. Perhaps ... ambling monkeys. LOL

  4. Drunken Monkeys... love it! Too bad you are going to have to keep the dish :)

  5. Snow, already? My condolences.

    I love that cute little quilt! It is a really adorable baby quilt! You do a great job of making odds and ends work so well together. That is to say, rather than putting the pink hemisphere blocks in a box, you made a really adorable quilt from them.

    Also, I love that pretty casserole dish! The flowers are gorgeous. Your vintage dish finds are always so awesome (another of your many talents).

    xo -E

  6. LOL on drunk monkeys. I guess you can tell everyone it's spinning monkeys but we'll all know it's drunken monkeys.

    I love the colors in your dish. Matches your quilt too.

  7. either drunk title works in my book :) love the quilt!

  8. Drunk monkeys, punctuation, and vintage glass, you are my kind of people. Happy Thanksgiving!


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