Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dos Pillows

Two it is!  Thanks so much for your input on Wednesday.  I made two pillows instead of one, and I really do like seeing them side by side.

I loved working with Vicki's hand-dyed fabrics (isn't that deep red-orange fabulous?), and I think part of my turning in circles over what to make was that I didn't want to screw up with such a unique print as those raindrops.  Or they could be teardrops, if you're of a mood to cry on your pillow (and who isn't from time to time).

A couple of you suggested nixing the zipper for an envelope back, and that was a brilliant idea.  

If I'd have made just one pillow, I'd have had to put in a zipper.  Making two, I could take a shortcut.  The only hitch was that the fabrics I wanted to use were FQs, not quite big enough, so I had to use two different prints per back.  I'm fine with how they turned out.  

In fact, I'll let you in on a secret.  The blue and white fabric FQ had been cut on the bias to make the ruffle, so I'd already hacked that in pieces diagonally.  I really wanted to use what was left of it for the back, and the printed design seemed forgiving enough, so I pieced it back together on the diagonal and sewed it up.  You can't even tell unless you really go hunting for the seam.

Sarah suggested a covered button for the center of the "umbrella."  I loved that idea, but I didn't have a button to cover on hand, so I came up with a fussy cut flower fused to the center instead.  It adds just that extra something, don't you think?

It's been quite dry here lately, but I know it's much worse in other parts of the country.  I'd do a little dance around these pillows if it meant some rain clouds would gather, but that probably won't work.  Instead, how about some music while we wait for the weather to change?  I suggest The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin or I Can't Stand the Rain by Seal.

I'll be linking to Whoop-Whoop Fridays again.  Click to have a look at what other crafty peeps have been up to this week!


  1. I'm cheering the finish! Two happy pillows, even for a rain theme. Good job!

  2. Love the pillows, beautiful work as usual! LAK

  3. Fabulous fabric, the colours are really deep, which I love! I hope to find some time this weekend to sew as well (finally!).

  4. I love to see pillows - odd as I am not a pillow person. Just love the creative use of the 'hacked' fabric for the gather - really makes the pillow!

  5. The colors are spectacular Paulette! Love the ruffle and the idea of using a leftover piece for it--Love that kinda sewing!

  6. They look terrific . Im glad you did dos pillows. The backs are as pretty as the fronts!

    Envelope backs are da bomb ..especially for us zip-o-phobes.

  7. Whoop! whoop! Love the colors and how you pieced them together.

  8. Beautiful pillows! I have used fat quarters and had to piece them for pillows too. Neat fabric!

  9. The pillows look wonderful! The colors look so pretty :)

  10. They look great, especially like the wavy ruffle!

  11. Gorgeous, P.! I like the two fabrics on the back, too! Whoop whoop!!

  12. What a lovely bunch of whimsy! Those pillows are terrific!

  13. Super cute! Love them both! You are always so creative.

    xo -E


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