Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 43

We hit the thrifts on Saturday.  I hadn't been thrift shopping much lately, but it was a beautiful day for a drive and I had a pocketful of cash.  That healthcare flexible spending account comes in handy.

I found a large Pyrex casserole.  The 1970s wasn't my favorite period for Pyrex, but that warm butterscotch color just seemed right to me.

A few hanks of vintage fabric found their way home with me too.  I'm crushing on that green one in particular.

There was a Royal Haeger tall vase that caught my eye.  

It's just waiting for a colorful bouquet or some fall foliage.

And I came upon a couple of dove gray Woodfield snack sets by Steubenville Pottery.  These were popular in the 1940s-50s.  

Steubenville closed in 1959, I believe.

I also snagged a large serving bowl in the salmon color.  This will have some McIntosh apples in it soon.

A Hall au gratin baking dish.  Hard to tell from the photo, but it's a pretty, dark amber color.  I already have a couple like this, one gray, one green.  They're nice for individual baked casseroles.  I think they're still making this kind of restaurant ware.

But that green and white crocheted piece it's sitting on?  That brings us to our what the heck? moment of the day. 

See what I mean? 

It' boy?

Grandma was apparently busy hooking something while Gramps was out fishing with the boys.  A gadget cozy?  A rocket warmer?  A dingaling doily? 

I dunno, you tell me.  Whatever it is, it's worth the buck I paid in entertainment value alone!


  1. awesome P....thrifing WITH money in your pocket AND finding something to buy! that rarely happens to me! love your vintage finds! the green is lovely! they all are...ummm, no guess on the crochet item though...curious.

  2. I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to what that crochet item is because I could really land myself in hot water.

    Vintage fabric is one of my favourite thrift store finds too.

    Surely your house is bursting at the seams with pyrex overload? The 70's stuff is the stuff I recall with vivid clarity. I wonder what my Mum did with all of hers?

    A very successful trip I would say.

    Snoring @ dingaling are sooooo bad!

  3. You are awful, P.! Personally, I think it's an empty toilet paper roll cover...... ;-)

    Love your finds - I think you must have a lot of people up there who don't know what they're giving away - I never find great stuff like that at my thrift store! The fabric is awesome, and that vase is to die for!! Love your Pyrex pieces, too, and the pretty leaf dishes made me go check the manufacturer's mark on one I have - no luck, though, I'll just have to love it for its looks!

  4. I really want to make a comment about all of your wonderful dish finds but I can't stop laughing about the crocheted piece. Your comments are too funny!! Priceless!!

  5. A Barbie dress gone bad? Love those Woodfield snack sets!

  6. I'm with you on your vintage fabrics, that green one is great!
    On the doily, is it possible that it is to be starched stiff and go on a vase, with the circle doily being a wavy stand out ruffle? I want to ask Larry's Mom, she has crocheted everything all her life (but I doubt she's done a dingaling doily!).

  7. Like you, I have no clue as to what it is! However, I love all your other finds. The fabric is really pretty too! Hugs

  8. LOVE the dingaling doily. I don't have a clue what it is, but it conjures up a very strange image.

  9. Wow, you really scored this weekend, where do you put all this stuff though? Mind you, our kitchen is TINY!

    I think that doily thing is for toilet paper?!

  10. Hey jackpot on the dishware AND fabric. :-) As for that...doily thingie...I wouldn't venture a guess.

  11. P., you're hilarious! Rocket warmer . . . rofl!

    OK, so I love, love, love those Woodfield snack sets. I'm afraid I wouldn't be satisfied by just two and would become obsessed with finding more on the internet (and paying waayyyy to much for them, just to complete my set).

    Also, I read this post Saturday night before going to bed. Your Pyrex stuck on my brain because that night I dreamt that I found the most gorgeous Pyrex bowl with a little handle on the side at my mom's. It was turquoise with a blue accent and I was going to take pictures of it to post on my blog. I even asked my mom if I could have it and the set of plates that matched it. How's that for weird.

    Anyway, the snack sets and the pottery serving bowl are my favorites in your finds this week. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -E

  12. I was cracking up when I read this! And I am still puzzling over it. You are right, you are going to get way more than $1 worth of laughs out of that thing.


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