Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One or Two?

I need your advice.  I decided to make a pillow from some  gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics from Vicki at Dotty Jane Designs.  

"Decided" makes it sound easy, but as I am a notorious overthinker, it was anything but.  I mulled and hemmed and hawed.  I chased my tail and got dizzy.  Then I blogged about bras, in an attempt to focus on something else for a bit.  

All the while, that lovely raindrop batik waited calmly on my ironing board for the cyclone of possibilities and variables to blow itself out.
Ultimately, I landed on an idea for a pillow with a wavy ruffle, like water splashing or a rivulet, or something along those lines.
I know.  Simple.  All that mental energy should have led to the invention of  world peace.
Then I pondered the back side of the pillow and came up with a kaleidoscope block to look like the top of an umbrella.  This was idea number 4, which occurred to me in the midst of overthinking to death ideas 1 through 3.  I sewed it up before I could change my mind.

Okay.  So now that I have both sides of the pillow sewn, I'm thinking again.  Feel free to roll your eyes.
Should I make this one pillow, with the front and back as shown, OR should I make two separate pillows?  If they're separate, I would think of them as a set, though they wouldn't exactly match.  I'd also have to come up with different backs, which would have to come from my stash, because I am stubborn insist on challenging myself that way.  It already annoys me that I may have to go buy a zipper or two because none of the 7,963 other zippers I own are invisible.  And yes, I have thought about doing a lapped application instead with a regular zipper.


  1. why do you need a zipper as long as you do plain blue or other backing and just fold and do a 2 inch overlap so you can slide a pillow form in the back and you have two pillows and no zipper required.

  2. I vote for two! The umbrella idea is very clever:)

    No eyerolling from me, since I also have the overthink affliction.

  3. Ivote for two... these are both lovely and deserve thier own stuffing.

  4. I'd go two separate pillows since they're both so pretty. Why shouldn't they each have their chance to shine?

    Since I cant do zips at all (I have zip-o-phobia) I always make envelope backs...

  5. 2 pillows for sure. My thrift shopping friend, have you ever thought of a button front shirt to use for the back of a works like a charm! (and that's not really the same as buying more fabric....)

  6. Obviously these have to be 2 pillows...silly. Then you pose them side by side.

  7. I vote for two pillows, also, but I would make a button covered with the ruffle fabric to put in the center of the umbrella - that would unite the two just a little bit more. Really cute, and a great use of Vicki's fabric!!!

  8. I'm going to vote for one pillow. I like the idea of rain on one side, and an umbrella on the other. I'm totally there with you on the over-thinking, though.

  9. I would make two pillows, the two designs look so lovely set next to each other.


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