Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 42

From Pot Roast to Prairie Points
Muggy and warm one day, crisp and cool the next.  Welcome to September in the Upper Midwest.  It feels decidedly fall-like this morning, and a pot roast seemed like the right thing to throw in the crockpot, along with veggies from the farmer's market yesterday.  I scored a rutabaga the size of a softball!

Speaking of things pot and not, I am experimenting with different non-dairy protein options to add to my fruit smoothies.  This led me to purchase a bag of hemp seed.  

It's maybe a little grainier than soy powder, and it doesn't really have much of a detectable flavor, which is a good thing in a smoothie.  Eleven grams of protein per serving, healthy Omega-3s and other nutrients (and zero buzz).  Hemp seed.  Who knew?  And to think we used to throw that part away.

Oh, I just remembered my dream last night!  I was writing jokes for Conan O'Brien in real time, i.e., I was at home on my computer and he was doing the show, and whatever I came up with and typed in showed up on his teleprompter (as if, right?).  He was killing with the laughs!  But then I ran out after about five jokes.  It was kind of like a Top 10 list or something. I know Top 10 is  Letterman but this was Conan...hey, it was a dream, and fortunately I woke up before I got fired.

Anyway, Prairie Points....  I started making a Christmas table runner yesterday using the Funky Peppermint pattern from Sew Take A Hike.  

She has a free tutorial for making these prairie points.  It's very cool!

Unfortunately, I'm a little short on the ends, so I'll have to make a couple to fill in.

These Boots Are Made for Ren-ing?
Norm is at the Ren Faire with some of his friends this morning.  They all went in costume.  I'm not sure what he went as, but he was cobbling something together yesterday that involved leather gauntlets, a chainmail helmet, a black eye patch (?), and these boots from the women's section at Payless in a size 13!  I sure hope someone has a camera.

So a Spider Walks into a Bar...
As I was taking photos in my sewing room this morning, I spied a predator lurking near the surge strip for the iron.  Yes, I know I need to vacuum more often.
Or maybe he was just hanging out at the Spike Bar.  Who named that thing anyway, George Lucas?  Back when spiders were the only thing that protected the web?

It sounds like kind of a fun place, actually.  

The Spike Bar, serving hemp seed smoothies since 1979. 


  1. it is still warm here today in central Arkansas but it will be cooled off by tomorrow. I have not tried your hemp seed I have added flax seed to smoothies though and like it.

  2. The makings of that stew is sooo tempting! Can you save a bowl for me, I'll be right over! LOL. I love that quilt...this is why I was happy finding you. I know I'll learn a lot. Thanks for sharsaturing. Hugs! Loretta

  3. Pot roast with with rutabagas yum!!

    Prairie points are so fun! Have fun playing:)

  4. You crack me up, girl!! Love the idea of a Spike Bar - and your little spider would be right at home in my house, so don't feel bad!

    I need to get to work on my peppermint runner too - You've inspired me!

  5. I can totally see you writing for Conan - you certainly crack me up.

    Love those prairie points!

    I didn't know spiders could come that small....

  6. I've never heard it called a spike bar and thought for a minute that it was part of the ren costume. You know, leather, chainmail and spikes!

    Your spider would like it here. There's not much of a vacuum threat:)

    The runner's going to be cute!

  7. You wouldn't lose your job, P! I'm smilin' big time.
    Hemp seed, I'll look for it. We use something called super seed in our smoothies.
    You own a vacuum? Oh, yeah, we do too...what's it used for?

  8. Prairie Points. I've never done them. Yours look great!

    Hemp seed? I would have never thought of it.

    We've had a spider hanging out on our ceiling in the living room. We named him Hercules. He was our pet for about week, before he disappeared. We're wondering if the cat got him since he gets on top of the kitchen cabinets that border the living room. Poor Hercules.


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