Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scrap Happy Finishes

Even I need a sense of closure after the last post.  Whew!  I'm not saying my sewing room looks any better (in fact, it's worse), but here is a pictorial palate cleanser—my small and scrappy finishes for the week!  And in case you missed it, the first batch can be seen HERE.
I had this charming, lonely little mushroom scrap, only about a seam allowance bigger than it appears here.  Then I found a small scrap of the owl print in the goodie box and paired them together in this little 9.5-inch square mat.

I used the corners of the picture squares as reference points for random straight-line quilting, or what I call Nazca lines.
The back is a neutral leaf print.  I machine bound this one.
The cupcake print scrap was the sweet inspiration for this next mug rug.  I paired it with some Sherbet Pips scraps left over from the Pips in a Basket quilt.
The back is a scrap from this summer's kaleidoscope quilt-along quilt.

Next, I fished out a delightful scrap of Alexander Henry Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) fabric from the box.  Squee!

I just happened to have a bunch of triangles cut from marigold-colored fabric from an attempted second version of a kaleidoscope quilt.  They were the perfect size for corner blocks on this scrap.  Then I picked up a tiny snippet of hand-dyed red-orange and set that into a black and white outer strip.

This one needs to be quilted and finished yet.  It may be my favorite of the whole lot so far!

I had to trim a little bit off the bottom of the above, which then became another slightly bigger than postcard sized piece.  

I also strip-pieced a back for it.  It needs quilting and finishing yet too.

Finally, there were some trimmed-off sections from a previous project in the goodie box of scraps.  I found enough of them and enough matching bits (1974 by Urban Chiks for Moda, according to the selvage) to make this little mini.

There remain some glimpses of selvage in the teal blue parts (tiny perforations), but I think it adds to the charm, if they're even noticeable at all.

Here is the back.  It's hard to say which side I like best on this one.  I free-motioned quilted a little meander and sewed the binding on by hand.

And that's it from my scrap happy corner of far...  

To see more lovely finishes, click the button and following the links!


  1. Oh the decoration one can do with these small cute jewels of quilts. Adorable

  2. Scrap-tacular array of goodies there P.

    I'm loving that cupcake mug rug. It's so cute!

  3. Oh what you can do with scraps! They are all very pretty. Luv

  4. I totally loooove the day of the dead - that is so great :)

  5. Oh, look at all the pretties you made! Definately a WHOOP!!

  6. OMGoodness, you get so much done when you say you are not really doing anything at all!

    Little Miss and I are so excited about Monday!

  7. They all look like fun projects. I especially like the Dia del Muertos pieces.

  8. I am loving your mug rugs! Your free motion quilting is awesome, I'd love to be Able to do that some day!

  9. ok, now i just feel plain lazy!
    great work from little things P!
    your FMQ looks great!

  10. I love ALL of them !
    Now I feel like I hardly got anything done at all !

  11. Whoop Whoop girl! You did a lot this past week. They are all so pretty but like you, I love the Dias de los muertos one.

  12. Love the skeletons!!! Lots of fun stuff in this post!

  13. Wow! I love all of those. The Day of the Dead mug rugs are especially delightful. :-)

  14. Oh, you did such a great job with all of these, P.! I love the little mini quilts - such a great way to use little special pieces of fabric. Thanks for sharing - whoop whoop!!

  15. These are all so cute! Fantastic use of scraps!

  16. P., love this creative kick you're on! You always put together such beautiful fabric combinations. Each one is cuter than the next! I loved those little owls and the mushroom. The whole color combination of it feels very early 70's. And that nine-patch cupcake mug rug? Sew Sweet! Love it! Love it! Love it! Your Halloween combos make me giggle and I loved the pieced back. I love the last mini -- it really is hard to say which I like best. Your meander totally rocks on that! Beautiful job on all of them! I wish I could come and sew with you!

    xo -E


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