Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate.  What's not to love?  Okay, I know not everyone likes chocolate, and some only prefer milk chocolate.  I've been fond of ALL chocolate through the years, but since I had to quit eating dairy products a couple years ago, that put me squarely on the dark side. Which turns out not a bad place to be, after all.

I still have to read the ingredient list carefully.  Cocoa butter is fine (it's not moo-cow butter).  Milk and milk fat, not okay.  You'd be surprised how many dark chocolates contain milk fat (I initially typed fart instead of fat right there...oh, the irony).  So I can't just raid the Halloween candy.

This is my current favorite brand.  It's not available in my hometown, but I happily drive 70 miles round trip for this stuff.  

It's that good.

Sixty percent cocoa content is a bit on the sweet side for a dark chocolate, but it doesn't hurt my feelings.  Seventy or seventy-five percent would be better, but 80 percent and up just tastes like charcoal to me.  There's a fine line.

I'll have a square or two a day, so a bar lasts several days. Dark chocolate remains one of my only holdouts, as far as eschewing refined sugar, but I've heard it's good for you.  I know it's good for me! 

How about you?  Do you have a favorite kind of chocolate?


  1. Yes, I KNOW it's good for me too!!!

  2. I love dark chocolate too or the semi-sweet kind. I think I heard somewhere that it's a vegetable .. or at least one of the necessary food groups.

    I don't really like milk chocolate at all. It's funny how chocolate from different parts of the world tastes different...

  3. I'd say Green & Black chocolate - mmmm! Chocolate has got iron in it - only a little bit so you do have to eat quite a lot to increase your iron levels - but I'm ok with that!

  4. I adore dark chocolate so I can totally relate to your FTF. I also like rum and raisin, pineapple, white chocolate and peppermint. Dont even get me started on chocolate bars - I could wax lyrical and go on forever and I don't think I have any chocolate in the house at the moment (cooking chocolate doesn't really count does it?)

  5. Dark chocolate yum! Where do you drive to get it btw?

    I love German chocolate!

  6. Yes, there is a fine line between really good and the charcoal tasting varieties:) A girl can't give up everything she enjoys, so I'm glad to hear you're holding onto the chocolate! I could probably live on chocolate and coffee:)

  7. I love chocolate too and we get a nice organic dark chocolate with orange, delicious but I haven't had any for 2 months now as I am on a sugar detox. Getting together with an old girlfriend this weekend so I suspect that will all change! That is a long way to drive for chocolate but you know I would go that far as well :-)

  8. I did not like chocolate as a kid. Too bad I grew out of that.

    I will eat dark chocolate if that's all there is. But I really prefer milk chocolate. My current favorite way to ingest it is a nice big scoop (or two) of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreo's. Or crushed M&M's. Whichever.

    Chocolate = nirvana.

    xo -E

  9. My chocolate bar of choice is Lindt's dark chocolate & orange.

  10. Yeah, I'm all about the dark chocolate too. :-) I've been buying Dove.


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