Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm so glad we bought her all those sketchbooks.

This afternoon, I got ready to draw something a bit more realistic than a tree trunk for the Climbing Lanterns project. Drawing is not my strong suit, but I was willing to give it a go. On a whim, though, I texted my daughter to see if she wanted to help.

Thankfully, she said yes.

Dear daughter has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. When we would go out to eat, she would entertain herself (and us) by drawing on the paper place mats or napkins.

She has filled many, many sketchbooks since then. Although her career doesn't involve art--unless you count the art of drawing blood from a squirming cat or dog--she still draws for her own enjoyment and sometimes commission.

It only took her a few minutes. She made it look easy. I'd have been wracking my brain much longer.

I hope to do it justice translating it to applique.


  1. Children are marvelous! If I ever progress to the point where I need something like that done, I have two artists I can call on in a pinch. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  2. How very cool! It's wonderful to have an artist in the family. :-) I'll be eager to see the Chinese Lanterns wallhanging when it's finished.


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