Thursday, March 18, 2010

Special Delivery

I had very special visitors today!

My niece Shaina and her two-month-old son, Chandler.

I finally got to give Chandler his quilt!

I think he liked it. I know his momma did.

Chandler is named after my mom (family name). My mother passed away in July of last year. She was the only one in the family at the time who knew Shaina was expecting.

(Mom holding Shaina in 1988)

I thought it fitting to use what I had left of Mom's calico fabric scraps to make Chandler's quilt. Everything in the pinwheels, except the plaids, came from her.

I like to think she got to cuddle him today in that way.

This little guy is a charmer, and just about the cutest baby I have ever seen. Of course, all proud great-aunts probably say the same thing.

Look at him working his magic on my husband, Norm.

The flannel backing was a remnant from the thrift store. It was just big enough. Isn't that print adorable?

I straight-line quilted it on my 1960's Singer Touch & Sew (which used to be Mom's machine). It worked out nicely.

So glad they came by, and you know I'm looking forward to many more snuggles with this little cutie-pie!


  1. Awww!!!! Everything about this is sweet! The baby, Shaina's proud mommy face, the quilt, the fact that you used your mom's fabrics, the backing fabric, even N. who likes like he isn't quite sure what to do with the little guy!

  2. What a great post. And the quilt is verry nice. I like the lions on the back. Have a great weekend. Julian

  3. oooh! he is precious! big eyes on baby boys are heart stealers! the quilt is amazing. Talent!
    happy vtt!

  4. Chandler IS certainly a cutie. :-) And I can tell he totally approves of his new quilt. Very cool you were able to incorporate your mom's calicos into those lovely little pinwheels. This quilt will have such special memories in so many ways.

  5. Isn't it amazing how quilts can bring to mind so many important people, places, times and memories?

  6. You have sewn with love, and seamed up great memories of your Momma, how sweet is that? Chandler is adorable, BTW!

  7. He is an adorable baby, you are not exaggerating or biased at all! The quilt you made is so special for all the reasons you named. I can just imagine you going through the process and bringing memories of your Mom into it. And using her machine too, very moving.

    Don't tell Norm but he looks very uncomfortable holding the baby. Funny how guys are like that!

  8. Oh my gosh. This post brought me to tears! We go through so many horrible moments in the day-to-day and we often forget about the good things. This puts it all into perspective. Chandler is just the epitome of sweetness and your quilt matches his beauty. Thank you for sharing your photos and memories.
    You are very special.
    Erin (Toronto Yard Sale Snoop)


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