Sunday, March 28, 2010


We took a walk today along the marsh.

Early spring is one of my favorite times to hike this trail.

It may seem bleak to some, but I think it's beautiful.

Winter has leveled and blanched the tall grass of the last growing season. You can see things you might not other times of the year.

I find inspiration galore here, in color and form.

Interesting contrast, like red against gray.

Rocks that echo the early spring landscape.

Moss in shades of gold and rust, as well as green.


Sounds. The sand hill cranes were making a ruckus as we approached on the trail.

There are two in the very center of this photo, so well camouflaged as to be invisible.
In my excitement, I completely forgot I had a zoom.

Sorry, you'll just have to take my word for it.

They eventually took flight.

As did Norm's hat at one point. It was a bit blustery. He had to move fast to retrieve it.

Back at home, I've made more progress on the string pinwheel units. (I am also working on a tutorial.)

Now it's time to remove the foundation papers, which can be tedious.

Hopefully, there's some good TV to keep me company for the task this evening.


GaAm said...

I've forgotten how pretty the marsh is.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pics, P. :-) The landscape reminds of southeast Kansas. Thanks so much for sharing your pretty part of the world.

Jane said...

I really enjoyed your pictures. I love a good walk with that kind of beautiful nature around you. Unfortunately where I live most of my walks are in neighborhoods on sidewalks.
Hope you found some good TV to keep you company as you removed the foundation papers.


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