Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today is my sister Nita's birthday!

We've always been close.

Close in age (she's a year older) and close in our hearts.

(Me, Nita, Mom-April 1980)
She was my ready playmate and partner in crime growing up. We got into our share of mischief and other adventures together.

We developed different interests over the years, but we still have a great connection and can talk about anything.

Hope you have a great day, Nita, and a wonderful year ahead!

(Me & Nita-August 2009)


  1. Happy Birthday Nita! So wonderful to read about the great friendship you two have. I have two sisters (I'm the middle sister) and I feel the same way about both of them.

  2. What a great bunch of pics! You two were just too cute. In fact, you still are. :-)

    Happy Birthday Nita!

  3. I love that picture of the three of you.

    I hope Nita had a great birthday.

  4. Thanks, Paulette. You made my day with these views of us. Doesn't Mom look great in that one from 1980? She was skinny minny; I was chubby due to the estrogen in those birth control pills in college. Loved the b/w shot of us on the hood of the car -- see our "clickie shoes"? Spent my 51st birthday at massage school being tested all day and night, as usual -- but I got my feet and head rubbed in the process, nice! Life after 50 is about reinventing myself and kicking it into high gear for how I serve the world. That national board certification in medical therapeutic is going to be sweet, for all the exhausting hours I've put in this year --and the last 20 years practicing massage. Terry and I are looking forward to having some semblance of a normal life after school is done in Sept. Thanks again. I can feel the love! Deine Schwester, Nita


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