Monday, March 22, 2010

Organized Chaos

I've been working on string pinwheel units.

Good clean fun...

...that makes (more of) a mess of my sewing area.

Sheesh, how many scissors do I need there, anyway? Apparently, one to cut paper, one to snip thread tails, one to cut fabric. Just out of frame, there's another longer snipping scissors and one or two rotary cutters. Right tool for the right job, I guess.

I'm using the old Singer Touch & Sew for piecing the strings onto phone book pages. I'll use the Juki (aka Jane) when I get to sewing the rest of the blue/red units. The Touch & Sew wants to eat the triangle corners. She gets a little grabby when she's hungry.

The Touch & Sew needs a name, by the way. I was thinking of Tammy. It's from the mid-1960s, and that seems like an era-appropriate name to me. Tammy, the Touch & Sew?

Viv is relegated to watching from afar. Hope she doesn't mind sitting this one out.

Yep, that is a boom box there in the corner. Does it qualify as vintage yet? Norm has it running through the stereo amp and bookshelf speakers above, and I just use it as a CD player. It may be old school and cobbled together, but it sounds much better than my mp3 player does. Besides, I still like the tactile nature of CDs...just not so much the clutter they make on my table.

A few finished units. My goodness, I am a piler. Underneath are, let's see, a couple of finished items (in a shopping bag) that need quilting, a vintage apron pattern I intend to sew (probably in 2013), and a stack of mending...which, since it's spring now, can probably wait another six months!

There's part of the fabric stash--the part that can't fit in the drawers. Hey, there are those cork squares I bought in September. Guess they're not going to stick themselves to the wall, are they?

And to think I started this post feeling like I had been productive. Oh well, how about a fun song?


  1. "right tool for the right job" made me think of Star Trek (I'm such a geek). Scotty says it in one of the movies as he's yelling at one of his underlings.

    Your chaos is organized. I find that impressive. Mine is ... chaos.

  2. I agree with the comment above, your chaos looks organized! I think Tammy is a perfect name for a mid-60's sewing machine, that name seems to fit the era.
    Have fun creating.

  3. The pinwheel string blocks are absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed looking at each fabric. Spotted one I have in my stash. :-)

    Fun song too!


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