Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Whatnot

Made this little wall hanging for my mom in '96. It needed a good soak and hand washing, so I took care of that on Saturday. This was the first applique I ever did. The freezer paper method worked pretty slick.

I spent a good part of this weekend cleaning and organizing my sewing space and attending to the odds and ends that pile up there. Like the stack of mending I've been ignoring. (Done!) I also finished hemming my niece Kayla's graduation robe.

Then I played with fabric, pulling out this and that and putting one up against another and pondering the possibilities. No decisions were made, but sometimes you just have to play, you know? This evening, I sewed a backing together for the double pinwheel string quilt, which has yet to make it to the longarm quilter, I'm embarrassed to say. Procrastinate much?

Last week on one of the Goodwill excursions, I found a couple of fake leather covered organizer boxes. One had a space for a label, but I didn't know what I was going to use it for, and its purpose was bound to change anyway.

So I came up with something descriptive yet ambiguous enough.

It seems like a label I could slap on my forehead to indicate the contents of my brain lately. Lots of ideas passing through, some of which seem pretty good and some of which I'm sure are pure crap. Will any of them see action? That is the question.

Have you seen this post on Mutant Quilting by Rossie? It is hands down the most thought-provoking thing I've read all week. I keep clicking back and rereading. Fascinating.

File this last bit under serendipity, coincidence, or the Lord working in mysterious ways. Norm and I were trolling a thrift store on Friday morning, and I was scanning the picture department for paint-by-numbers. They seem few and far between lately, but you never know when you may run across one. There were a lot of Jesus pictures in this particular store, and I remarked that it seemed odd that I hadn't yet come upon a religious themed paint-by-number. I know they're out there, I just hadn't personally seen one.

A few hours later, back at home, my phone rang. It was Terry, my sister's fiance. He had been shopping the city-wide rummage sale in a neighboring community. "I've got something for you," he said. "You do? What's that?"

Cue the heavenly chorus.

~*~*~*~*~* Aaaah! *~*~*~*~*~*

Holy crap!

Awesome in so many ways.


Shay said...

Firstly congratulations on conquering your mending pile. That's quite a feat.

Love the label for the box. Some of my favourite things are crap.

And I'm still laughing about your paint by numbers acquisition. Holy Crap indeed. It's a sign P!

Sarah Craig said...

Gosh, P., you make me laugh! Your bin label could go over the door of my craftroom with no problem at all!! And I'm still (agog) (giggling) (wondering about God's sense of humor) (tickled) (can you tell I can't decide my emotions) over your picture caption!! But God must have a great sense of humor or he wouldn't have made things so funny! ;-)

Michelle said...

Oh gosh, P, you crack me up. I LOVE your box label.

Had to laugh about the "Holy Crap" too.

The violets wall-hanging you made for your mom is really sweet and cheerful. Glad you gave it some TLC.

Going off to read "Mutant Quilting"

em's scrapbag said...

Love the cute little flowers!