Thursday, May 20, 2010

Give Us Dirty Laundry

There has been some impromptu thrift shopping this week, with good results.

We've been meaning to replace the country decor wall mirror in the entryway with something different. Almost bought an interesting piece of metal and enamel wall art on Monday, but it was a bit pricey so we walked away. Yesterday, we found this at Goodwill for $9.99.

Nice fit with the telephone table from a couple weeks ago, huh?

In a different Goodwill store, I heard the voice of Napoleon Dynamite. He was saying, "Follow your heart, Pedro. It's what I do." I don't know why he referred to me as Pedro, but it's close enough. I took his advice and brought this home:

Also this, since I was following my heart:

It's a sickness, and I am afflicted. Pyrexia.

Then, because the week (and this post) hasn't been discombobulated enough, I decided to give Colorado Lady's stain fighting recipe a try on some old linens. I didn't take "before" pics, but trust me they were stained, one of them almost beyond hope.

They soaked for about 36 hours. Check out the water. Ew, gross.

Then I rinsed them multiple times, washed them in the machine on gentle with a double rinse, and hung them on the line to dry.

I am happy to report that they turned out great! Most of the stains are gone, and what traces that remain are much, much, much better than they were.

There were a couple pieces of my mom's embroidered handiwork.

I also soaked a couple of schmutzy vintage feed sacks I found at the thrift store a few months ago, and they came totally clean.

This one makes me want to sing the Sponge Bob theme song, for some reason.

This print is vintage dress forms. Love it!

Finally, I followed my heart to where my Bleeding Heart bush was putting on its finale of the season.

Are you following your heart this week?


Sarah Craig said...

Great piece of art and amazing how well it matches your telephone chair! I don't know what your stain removing secret is - I can't get the site to load - but I use Oxyclean with excellent results - soak it in the sink for several hours, then rinse well. Lots of my linens are too fragile to hold up to machine washing, so I don't have that option. Yours are beautiful, though!!

Darla said...

I ADORE that wall art. It's fantastic! I can't believe how well it works with the chair and table. Amazing. And I have that same pyrex bowl. There's just something about those things that makes them irresistible. The linens look great, and I have a special fondness for a bleeding heart. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Tammy said...

Wow..I love your clean vintage linens and the stain removing story. The telephone table set and wall hanging are cool. I really enjoy reading your blog..great pictures.

GaAm said...

I love the wall art! That's something I would definitely buy. The linens are very pretty and I'm glad you were able to get them clean(er). I love Oxyclean, and with the dogs and the teens (my own and other people's) we keep lots of Oxyclean in the house. It's a handy dandy thing to have.

SueWis said...

Love your thrift finds. I am still jealous of that telephone chair. Saw one in Door County that was painted and UGLY. Nice Pyrex too. And linens. I swear we must be twins with so many similar interests. :)

Miri said...

Stunning wall art! Oh it makes my heart sing! and your vintage linens are fabulous!

Michelle said...

Hey your new thrift store wall decoration is perfect with your phone table. Very cool.

Thanks for sharing your mom's embroidery. Lovely!

Neat feedsack fabrics!

Ah Bleeding Hearts. Always wanted to grow them, but never lived in a place where I could.

Anonymous said...

That top thingamabob wall decoration is really cool.


Jenny said...

i have a feeling i would probably really envy your vintage stash!


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